I have been a naughty fashionista!

I bought crazy amounts of stuff this month and… last month!

So here’s my fashion goals:

  • I am finally going to build my iconic wardrobe: my spending limit is $100/month
  • List must-haves in my planner
  • Learn to balance my checkbook. (because having extra cash is nice!)
  • Itemize what’s in my closet.
  • Organize my closet.
  • Drop another 20 lb or so…

What are your fashion goals for this year my fellow fashionistas?


12 thoughts on “I have been a naughty fashionista!

  1. Everyone gave me money for the holidays and my birthday, so I got to pick out my own presents.
    I bought this skirt in eggplant and black. Not super fashionable, but comfortable and practical.
    I got this scarf and this one from Anokhi, my new favorite place.
    I got this hat in charcoal and plum at a ridiculous discount ($15 each!) from Funky Frum.
    Plus this underscarf in dark green, plum, maroon, black and white.
    I’m also getting this scarf in black, cranberry, forest, eggplant and black.
    The last of my money is going for a denim skirt from DenimSkirts.com.

  2. I’m intrigued by the underscarves. Have you tried them before? I’ve got a “tight snood” from tznius.com that I use to keep my hair contained under hats – do these work the same way?

  3. Wow! Such pretty things! I love the skirt and the scarves especially!
    The hats are lovely too!
    Are you kidding me about the skirts not being fashionable?!
    Tiered skirts are hip! It really depends on what you pair it with!

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