From My Inbox: Sheital Question

I got a great question from one of my faithful readers last night. She graciously allowed me to post her question in here.

“Hi. I have a question about sheitels. Do you wear a synthetic one? I bought one recently and the edges are getting frizzy on the ends, my human hair ones did not do that. Thanks!”

Thanks for writing in. All my sheitals are synthetic!

I know exactly what happened. You used the wrong brush! A regular brush frizzes up a synthetic wig because it’s stretches/snags the fibers. You need to take your wig to a wig salon to see if the frizzies can be repaired. Usually this involves a steam technique of some sort.

Here’s the thing…synthetic sheitals (wigs) are great because they are inexpensive. However, the upkeep is drastically different from a human hair wig. Synthetic (and synthetic/human) wigs need products that are specifically made for synthetic wigs.

If you live in a metropolitan city, run over to the nearest Black (or Dominican) beauty supply store. Trust me on this one. There are tons of inexpensive products for synthetic/human hair wigs in these wonderful stores!

If you live nowhere near a large Black neighborhood, then I suggest these products:

ball-tip wire cushion wig brush, $2

I use this shampoo and recommend it highly:

Isoplus Additions Gentle Shampoo, $4.99 (in my beauty supply I paid $3.30)

Get a wig comb or pik to gently detangle and style your sheital.

Remember synthetic wigs = No blow dryer! Don’t even think about bringing any extreme heat near a synthetic because it will melt and/or frizz up your wig.


7 thoughts on “From My Inbox: Sheital Question

  1. Speaking of sheitels – and maybe you can help me on this one – I find the other modesty laws quite valid, especially in today’s sex-obsessed society, but for some reason, I am struggling to find validity in the covering of the hair. I, personally, don’t know many men who become aroused over a woman’s hair, but perhaps I’m the minority? So, Frum Diva, EDUCATE ME! 🙂 *hugs*

  2. thank you i was pondering buying a schlocky wig for the time being. ie maybe pick up like 3 to trash and see if I like the style or hate it wiht my face.
    figure I’m going to drop what about $30 per wig? More I have no clue. I wonder depending on where I go looking/shopping what kind of looks will I get. I know in actual NYC no one will give a fuck but I think SI if there is such a place I will get looks and what not.

  3. I realize your question was geared towards Angelina but I figured this was a topic worth putting my two cents in.
    Personally the way I see, understand, and justify covering my hair. I do it out of respect for my husband.
    Now personally I’m content to cover my hair, because that’s what I’m ‘supposed to do, ie it clearly distinguishes me as a frum woman.
    When i say I cover out of respect for my husband, to me it is no different than say wearing a low cut top, with cleavage showing or a bare back, or a short skirt or an article of clothing that is body hugging. I wouldn’t parade my body like a show piece my physical body is something I treat better than putting on display.
    In my mind, I wouldn’t show somehting sacred to strangers. Why would I do that with my hair. Halacha may explain this differently.
    I understand that hair may not be seen as erotic as a breast, for example. I think we get too caught up in ‘we don’t perceive hair as erotic’ and lose sight that this in my mind ‘isn’t just about hair’ its overall about how a woman carries herself, and conceals herself. And makes distinction between public and private.

  4. Hawt hair!
    As a Black woman, I think I can talk about the sensual nature of hair from a unique perspective. What are the most businesses found in a black neighborhood? Hair salons followed closely by churches!
    Black women take their hair seriously. I know I do. If you got good hair, you rule the roost. Period. When my hair is a mess, I feel terrible.
    My hair is my crowning glory. Before I started wearing a sheital, my hair was shoulder-length. I used to go to the salon every three weeks to get it done (and that was an all day affair!) To me, hair is not secondary. It’s the introduction to a woman’s essence. I’m one of the few women that can shave their head and look fabulous. Therefore, it’s doubly important that I cover my hair. I really don’t want random dudes rubbing my scalp.
    Historically, a woman’s hair denoted her status as eligible for marriage. In Victorian/Edwardian times, a girl would put up her hair to show she was ready for marriage.
    I found this secular article that brings the point home.
    Coming from a frum perspective, women are the backbone of the home. We are responsible for the spirituality of the home/family. Some may see covering the hair as a putting women in a second class state. I personally see it as a display of self-respect. This is one of my favorite articles about the subject from Aish.

  5. Most synthetics will run in the $30 – $50 range. If you go to a wig salon in a white neighborhood, they will charge on the upper end.
    My knowledge of SI is limited. I do know, that Sally’s Beauty Supply is on SI but they are pricey and their customer service is limited because that’s where the pros and semi-pros like me go. You have to know what you want.
    On the other hand, the best beauty supply I know of in SI, would be:
    Royal Beauty Supply
    2300 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10306
    Cross Streets: Between Prescott Ave and Elmtree Ave
    (718) 668-2288

  6. yeah that place is in civilization…ie across the street from the police station in a safe area.
    I think most of the areas I would think I would find a shop I would be the only white person, who doesn’t live in the area shopping there.

  7. I kept that in mind but most black beauty supply have white buying stuff in there, you’d be surprised. In Eastwick, everyone went to the beauty supply store: black, white, hispanic, etc… because it was the most comprehensive one in the area!

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