Hey all…

I am now at a fashion show for an emerging frum clothing designer. Her clothes are very hawt and haute! I know y’all are wondering when are you going to get to see the goodies…

Well you have to wait.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Hanukkah without incident! I came out relatively unscathed. I got my gear and makeup, I am happy, happy! Only one menorah was harmed during Hanukkah!

Tell me about your Hanukkah outfit triumphs!


4 thoughts on “Hey all…

  1. Not much to tell over here. I spent the vast majority of Chanukah under 14 inches of snow. I wore my flannel pajamas with a knit skirt and a sweater layered over them, and wooly boots. I spent most of the time snuggling my girl, packing up orders, and sipping hot tea. It was wonderful, I love snow days!

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