Because I’m worth it!

Check out my latest accquisitions! I love stretching my shopping ninja limbs.

After all “fashion fades;style is eternal!”

What I snagged from Funky Frum:

little black dress
rayon/spandex, $30, Funky Frum

flower cloche
wool felt, also in cosmo blue, and winter white, $19, Funky Frum

edible flower
cotton/spandex, detachable flower belt, $12, Funky Frum

What I got from Old Navy:

retro sweet mittens
acrylic, also in purple, $5,

6 thoughts on “Because I’m worth it!

  1. Can you let me know about the size of the cloche when you get it? I’ve been eyeing it too, but it’s hard for me to buy hats like that online. My head is big, and I have loooonnng hair that I have to pin up under my hats, making my head lumpy as well as big! Thanks!!

  2. Actually let me post of a pic of me with the hat and my sheital… then you be the judge. Because, my scattered brain was thinking of my other pink hat. D’oh!
    Keep in my mind, my head is tiny LOL!

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