Of course I would find this…

I went to a local discount store in my area: D II (it used to be Dee Dee)

Anyway, I was looking for fingerless gloves…instead I found a pair of lounge pants that says “Fashion Blog” and “Oh yes!”

now that is a frumfashionista find!

blue lounge pants

Since it was only $2.99 I got a second pair in pink:

I am highly amused…


2 thoughts on “Of course I would find this…

  1. Oh the worse part is that it also came in mint. It’s cool because it’s 100% cotton. It’s thin but my apartment is heated like a furnace so it works out.
    Hubster said when I showed it to him, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Only you would find that!”
    I also found twill tznius skirts for $5 but they were on the thin side.

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