Handbags: the investment bag

I love handbags. Sometimes, I go for the cheap and trendy bag of the season. As long as the bag will hold up for the season I don’t mind. However, there are bags that just speak to me. However, I hold myself back from getting said bag because of the astronomical price.

So I decided that next year will be the year of me! All me! So I decided to get myself an investment bag. Now that depends on what you consider an investment. Some handbag fanatics are real picky about what is considered an investment bag: Coach wouldn’t be considered an investment bag but LV or Zac Posen would be.
A flashback from the greatest magazine Martha Stewart ever put out Blueprint: Investment bags!

Tips for buying the investment bag

  • Buy the best you can afford! The better brands will hold up better and some companies will repair or replace the bag if there is a defect.

  • Are you wiling to go off the beaten path of Gucci, Prada, and Chanel? Try Furla, Coccinelle, Fossil, DKNY, Francesco Biasia, Tosca Blu and Zac Posen. These handbag lines carry timeless pieces and not everyone has them!

  • Know thyself! Life is rough…your handbag needs to handle that! Dark textured leather can take a beating like nothing else.

  • Think of your bag as an accessory that says a lot about you and is the finishing touch to every outfit. Consequently, you have to know your style and match your bag accordingly!

  • Try it on! Ignore the snooty shop people and put all your stuff inside. Does the bag hold its shape? Any weird bulges? An overstuffed bag with a plastic overspill bag does not say nice things!

  • Designer bags on the cheap: because paying retail is a sin! Well, TJ Maxx, Filene’s Basement and Marshall’s are great places to find bags. A great option if you are willing to dig to find the gems!

  • Take advantage of online discount codes and seasonal sales to buy bags you want at a greatly reduced price.

  • Avoid logos as much as possible because these get played out with a quickness. Go for a limited edition bag instead!

  • A fan of a specific label? Join the mailing list because oftentimes you get first pick and/or special discounts.

  • Get invited to sample sales or harass yeshlitikvah to take you handbag shopping. Unlike clothing sample sales which carry only a certain size…handbag sample sales are not as hectic. You know what you want, grab it and go. Another great way to snag a designer handbag on the cheap!

21 thoughts on “Handbags: the investment bag

  1. I’m ashamed to admit this as I am so obsessed with designer bags.
    A lawyer in my husbands firm is getting into the ‘knock off bag’ business. I want him to hire me as a full time consultant, I’ll make his suppliers heads spin.
    So basically my husband has become a handbag bitch and I caught him rubbing my leather bag and sniffing it last week to measure its quality.

  2. “Now why wouldn’t Coach be considered an investment bag? Not pricey enough?”
    I thought the same thing. I think it’s a combination of name, reputation, visibility and price. Coach and it’s counterparts Kate Spade, Dooney & Burke are seen on the street more than say a Hermés or a Mulberry.
    I used to work right by Big Bag, LOL! Beautiful bags they carry. I avoid that store like the plague because I will be broke in five minutes.

  3. ROFL!
    “So basically my husband has become a handbag bitch and I caught him rubbing my leather bag and sniffing it last week to measure its quality.”
    Wow, then you’re going to like my next post on how to buy a good knock-off bag!

  4. Re: ROFL!
    what’s funny is that I was planning on posting about it. What you just wrote just firmed up when I’m going to post it, LOL!
    After all, those ladies on Canal St. know me: “Gucci…Prada…Chanel!”

  5. Re: ROFL!
    I think what bothers me about the wrok venture. One theere are halachic issues about knockoffs remind me to post them when I’m concious.
    two his co-worker actually beleives hes going to sell bags at a price poitn of over a hundred bucks at purse parties

  6. Re: ROFL!
    Now if he’s selling outright fakes like Canal Street and trying to pass them off as authentic that’s a halachic issue. Now, knock-offs that are “inspired” by name brands like the scents that “smell like Cool Water” may not be as big an issue.
    I will definitely remind you to post about these issues!

  7. As an artist who’s work has been copied, and has NOT been compensated for her original ideas, I take HUGE issue with knockoffs. I just turned down a fairly good wholesale order because the client wanted me to copy some logos and incorporate them into my work. No thanks, I don’t need that sort of karma (or whatever the Hebrew word for that is.) Hashem will send me enough honest business to compensate for the loss of that client.
    I adore my Coach Willis bag. It is my One True Bag of Love. Black for winter, saddle tan for summer. It fits my body perfectly and holds all of my stuff just right. I can justify the cost because I get them on Ebay for under $100. A tiny scuff on the bottom or back side of the bag is worth a $200 discount, don’t you think? My dream is to get the very rare purple Willis bag, which is nearly impossible to find for less than full retail.

  8. “I think it’s a combination of name, reputation, visibility and price. Coach and it’s counterparts Kate Spade, Dooney & Burke are seen on the street more than say a Hermés or a Mulberry.”
    I think you’re right, especially on the visibility factor. You’ve got it pinned down, girl!

  9. Coach bags do last forever, though. I have a purse that my mother has had since before she met my father. The style looks a little dated, but it’s still in great shape.

  10. Don’t be ashamed, I’m an designer handbag whore. I’m not into shoes, but beautiful amazing handbags. I live in Staten Island too, and find myself either online shopping at my favorite places like Menlo, or in the city on 5th. It’s bad hahah

  11. wow talk about coincidences.
    what part of the island ? I grew up in Tottenville, a few years in Dongan Hills and now I live in Manor Heights.
    SHoes are not my thing. I can never find soemthing I love that I can also walk in.
    are you on tpf? I have been for a few years but I kind of dropped off the face of the earth there.
    My preference is to actually skip Menlo and go straight over to Short Hills. Gotta love a mall that has Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Saks, and Neiman Marcus.

  12. oh short hills, it’s been a long time since I’ve gone there. I read the tpf often, and it has really helped in certain purchases. I grew up in Rockaway/Belle Harbor in Queens…and mom got remarried and upgraded and we relocated to SI, I’ve lived in Dongan Hills Colony for about 5 years. Like nearest to Old town/richmond rd and you go up, up and away into the colony.. We’re the only Jews on the block ahahah. OMG, exactly, I have pretty shoes but I can’t freaking walk in them, I call them dinner shoes, because they’re comfy enough to just walk from the car to the place to eat, then back to the car and then I’m done. Now I like comfy shoes I can wear with my skirts.

  13. hahaha I know exactly where Dongan Hills Colony is.
    My grandfather’s house (obm) was above Doctor’s Hospital. Not so far. And my father’s office is almsot around the corner from you. His real estate office is on the corner of Richmond Road and Burgher, you know the big Orange signs,(my daddy.)
    It’s hard not being near Jews, no matter what your level observance is. We lived in TOttenville for 12 years, and while there we’re Jews nearby that wasn’t the shul we belonged to.
    That area hasn’t diversified much in the past few years.

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