Confessions of a gadget floozy.

My life is driven by aesthetic. I believe deep down that there’s a way to make even the most mundane task chic (or at the very least not boring.) I also have plenty of fashion vices like my passion for pink; and an everlasting love of mani/pedicures.

However, I love pretty gadgets just as much as a killa pair of shoes. I am a bonafied gadget floozy. This week, I haven’t been able to post much because I’m waiting for my laptop to arrive in my little hot hands. By next Thursday, I should be able to post on a daily basis. Until then, you will have to deal with drive-by musings.

Today, I’m talking laptop bags. Personally, I don’t like laptop bags that look “manly” or “industrial.” Mostly, I don’t want my laptop bag to look like a laptop bag because it just screams “Take my laptop, please!”

This is the one I eventually picked out:

GiddyUp laptop tote
available in seven color combinations, retails $46- $54
Right now, Overstock has them on sale.

I heart it’s sleek look. There are two compartments: one for the laptop and one for essentials like the power supply, mouse, folders, files and magazines. Of course, I really like the handy outer pocket as well!

The non-laptop compartment has a interior zippered pocket and two velcro pouches (one that’s perfect for a cellphone/pda.) The outer pocket where you can stash small essentials like keys, bus pass, pens, etc… It will fit up to a 15.4″ laptop. This a bag for the woman that likes to travel light. I will show pics when I get it.

Another tote that caught my eye was:

Microfiber Tote
“Komen” by Mobile Edge, $94
What I really dig about this bag is that it can hold a 17″ laptop. Finding a bag that will hold a 17″ laptop and not look like a briefcase is a rare. It also comes with a sleeve and a detachable cosmetics bag. Plus, 10% of the retail price is donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The price is way out of my budget but I like it from afar.

I love the way messenger bags look. Sadly, the shoulder straps always manage to slice; dig; or pinch my neck. I do still appreciate their form. Especially when I find a pretty one like this!
Silver Petal
PVC, fits most 15″ laptops, $70
You can cram tons of stuff in this bag: There are two full sized pockets: one in the front and one on the back. Plenty of interior compartments and pockets, you can push it to double as a gym bag!


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a gadget floozy.

  1. Those are adorable! My laptop case is a very industrial looking briefcase. But I suppose I can’t complain – both the laptop and the bag were provided by my job. They *are* industrial!

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