Hey all…

I am now at a fashion show for an emerging frum clothing designer. Her clothes are very hawt and haute! I know y’all are wondering when are you going to get to see the goodies…

Well you have to wait.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Hanukkah without incident! I came out relatively unscathed. I got my gear and makeup, I am happy, happy! Only one menorah was harmed during Hanukkah!

Tell me about your Hanukkah outfit triumphs!


Because I’m worth it!

Check out my latest accquisitions! I love stretching my shopping ninja limbs.

After all “fashion fades;style is eternal!”

What I snagged from Funky Frum:

little black dress
rayon/spandex, $30, Funky Frum

flower cloche
wool felt, also in cosmo blue, and winter white, $19, Funky Frum

edible flower
cotton/spandex, detachable flower belt, $12, Funky Frum

What I got from Old Navy:

retro sweet mittens
acrylic, also in purple, $5,

Handbags: the investment bag

I love handbags. Sometimes, I go for the cheap and trendy bag of the season. As long as the bag will hold up for the season I don’t mind. However, there are bags that just speak to me. However, I hold myself back from getting said bag because of the astronomical price.

So I decided that next year will be the year of me! All me! So I decided to get myself an investment bag. Now that depends on what you consider an investment. Some handbag fanatics are real picky about what is considered an investment bag: Coach wouldn’t be considered an investment bag but LV or Zac Posen would be.
A flashback from the greatest magazine Martha Stewart ever put out Blueprint: Investment bags!

Tips for buying the investment bag

  • Buy the best you can afford! The better brands will hold up better and some companies will repair or replace the bag if there is a defect.

  • Are you wiling to go off the beaten path of Gucci, Prada, and Chanel? Try Furla, Coccinelle, Fossil, DKNY, Francesco Biasia, Tosca Blu and Zac Posen. These handbag lines carry timeless pieces and not everyone has them!

  • Know thyself! Life is rough…your handbag needs to handle that! Dark textured leather can take a beating like nothing else.

  • Think of your bag as an accessory that says a lot about you and is the finishing touch to every outfit. Consequently, you have to know your style and match your bag accordingly!

  • Try it on! Ignore the snooty shop people and put all your stuff inside. Does the bag hold its shape? Any weird bulges? An overstuffed bag with a plastic overspill bag does not say nice things!

  • Designer bags on the cheap: because paying retail is a sin! Well, TJ Maxx, Filene’s Basement and Marshall’s are great places to find bags. A great option if you are willing to dig to find the gems!

  • Take advantage of online discount codes and seasonal sales to buy bags you want at a greatly reduced price.

  • Avoid logos as much as possible because these get played out with a quickness. Go for a limited edition bag instead!

  • A fan of a specific label? Join the mailing list because oftentimes you get first pick and/or special discounts.

  • Get invited to sample sales or harass yeshlitikvah to take you handbag shopping. Unlike clothing sample sales which carry only a certain size…handbag sample sales are not as hectic. You know what you want, grab it and go. Another great way to snag a designer handbag on the cheap!

Hanukkah stuff from my PTA letter.

How NOT to make Hanukkah a “Jewish Christmas!” This is really helpful for children who got to public school or live in a mixed neighborhood. Amazingly TP is not really seduced by Christmas. I have to remind him not to tell the Christian kids that Santa isn’t real.

Hanukkah Books: for all ages
For the Pre-K and under set

For the young school-aged child (K- 3rd grade)

For the older school-aged child (4th – 6th grade)

Hanukkah Family Guides:
General Family Hanukkah Activity Guide

Aish’s Hanukkah Family Guide

Hanukkah Printables:
Hanukkah Printables 1
Hanukkah Printable 2

On The Radar: Hanukkah!

Hi, everyone. I’m back with some lovely eye candy for y’all to peruse. I love Hanukkah! It doesn’t hurt that my birthday usually falls around Hanukkah. Oh everything about this season is great from jelly donuts to latkes. Hanukkah is the ultimate holiday for rebels with a cause: don’t let the man put you down!

Here’s some sites, worth exploring this week:
Kosher Clothing:
This site has free shipping and every week there is always a sale. :win: Rita, is super nice and helpful. Her e-shop carries sweet dresses and accessories that are both stylish and affordable. A great store for the funky girl looking for something that screams “me!”

on the radar: a little black dress for the ubiquitous holiday parties!

little black dress!
“Twirl” by Necessary Objects, $42, available up size 12, Kosher Clothing

O.K. the recession is hitting you hard and you want to tighten your belt? Don’t worry, Karla’s got your back over at her blog Karla’s Bonanza ! You have to love a blog with lime pumps on the front page 🙂
She’ll help you navigate the thrifts shops and has awesome suggestions for the holiday season. Karla shows us creative gift wrapping ideas and scoring cute accessories at your local thrift shop.
on the radar: cute handmade accessories you can find at Etsy!

custom typewriter pendant
Silver, custom made, other letters and numbers available upon request, $18, Contrary
perfect for the favorite blogger or writer in your life;-)!

Now you’re tired and you want to chill out after shopping. Or you need to burn off those holiday goodies. How about some casual gear to slip into? Kosher Casual got you and the whole family covered! The women’s clothing runs up to size L/XL. The skirts are super affordable. Simple casual clothing for girls, boys, and men’s are affordable. The clearance section is for all size ranges and you can score nice stuff on the cheap!

on the radar: casual tops you can eat sufgayniot in peace!

faux-layered t-shirt
also available in black, heather, and jeans blue, S-XL (juniors), $8, Kosher Casual

I am a lover of design first and foremost. I love menorahs. I still have the first menorah that was given to me by my third grade teacher. It was a Mickey Mouse menorah and she got it for me because I was her favorite. I used to sit right next to her desk and I was reading her Judaica catalog with her. I oohed when I saw that menorah and said “I would love to have it.” She told me that it wasn’t a toy. It’s still whole and intact after 25 years. (yes I’m older than dirt.)

on the radar: chic menorahs!

vespartine menorah
Enameled metal, $40, Modern Tribe

old-skool menorah
Pewter, $40, Target

classic modern menorah
Argentum pewter, $250, Modern Tribe

So I hope you enjoyed this week’s eye candy. Hopefully, by next week I’ll be able to show off my new laptop bag and continue with the regularly scheduled program!