Handbags: a fashionista’s BFF

I know I’m an accessories addict.

I can’t afford the haute couture bags that I love. I would feel too guilty and Hubster would kill me. Plus, I’m so quioxtic that unless I LOVE a bag and I know I will have it for years, I won’t plunk down huge amounts of cash for it.

However, I found a site where I can go luxe without the guilt:
Avelle: It’s the Netflix for designer handbags, sunglasses, watches and jewelry. If you like the bag, then you can buy at a reduced price!

Of course there’s always eBay. However, I’m the type that like to change things up a bit.

Are you in the market for a handbag? Whether you are going for leather, vinyl, or cloth, look over the bag with a fine tooth comb with the following guidelines:

The Frum Fashionista’s Guide to Handbag Happiness
Inspector Diva Time

* For leather handbags: make sure there’s no imperfections and it has an even color throughout.

* For any handbag: Look closely for holes. Check the lining and make sure that are no ripples, puckers, and stains.

* Stitching: must be even and tight; no loose threads; and most importantly not look shoddy!

*Hardware: check the clasps, zippers, and locks are put on properly. Make sure all the hardware works and is a snap to use. If you can’t get it to open easily in the store, don’t think you can do it on the street!

*Secure: make sure the handles are firmly attached to the bag. Look at the stress points like where the handles join the handbag and the zipper.

Handle Your Business
* Wrap your purse up in a cotton pillow case, towel, or sheet when you’re done for the season.

* Stuff your bags with newspaper or plastic to keep their shape!

* Clean your canvas bags with Ivory Liquid or Woolite!

* Vacuum the interior if it’s sturdy enough. Otherwise, shake it out and follow with a sticky lint roller sheet to catch whatever is left. Use baking soda to remove odors from the handbag interior. Then Febreeze the lining (and only the lining).

* For leather: Finished leather (doesn’t get water spots):Use a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of white vinegar to get rid of dirt and dust. For unfinished leather and vegetable dyed bags: use Lovin’ My Bags cleaner. A white eraser takes care of ink and most dirt.

What’s Should Be in Your Bag
Business cards
Lip balm/Lipstick
Cell Phone, Palm Pilot, or gadget of your choice.
Vitamins and/or meds in a cute tin

I love Baby Phat, Kate Spade, Prada, Chanel, and of course Versace! I’m so not into Louis Vuitton. LV has gotten played out and I’m tired of seeing it. Sorry. Hermes on the other hand is such a rarity that I get giddly seeing it up close!

I also avoid Gucci like the plague although this season, I’m really digging some of the handbags.

Who are your fav designers?


8 thoughts on “Handbags: a fashionista’s BFF

  1. Oh that bag is so pretty! I bet it looks stunning in pewter! You’re a bag diva like me…I love bags that are unique also. I don’t want a bag that everyone else has. If I have a common looking bag, I make it my own by attaching a purse charm or a purse!
    You must share your Coach secrets, LOL!

  2. Coach outlets, once in a while you luck out. imho not just what’s there but something you LOVE!!!!
    Also Macy’s they don’t return their stock to the manufacturer they have to liquidate it, so you should check the inventory in there every so often. There are even ttimes where a bag or accessory is locked in a drawer thats on sale.
    I have a pink coach scarf I got four years ago, I paid half price. I bought it in june.
    Or I have a bag that was from spring 2007. I bought it November 15th 2007, it was slightely more than half off. SO I got a $400 for less than $200.
    It was that gorgeous blue patchwork, with the denim.

  3. I bought a Coach bag last nite and keychains but I think I’m returning the bag. I CAN’T AFFORD IT!!! and the money I was expecting a month ago hasn’t come in grr.
    originally was $498
    marked down 30% to $348.60
    I then had a coupon for 20% off
    Final price $278.88 before taxes. It almost hurts to have to return it.
    THe Keychains:
    The keychains I’m keeping
    the frog was $48 less 20%- $39
    the fish was originally $38 marked down to $19 then less 20%- finally costing like $16.

  4. unfortunately shopping/spending money/debt is one of my ‘addictions’.
    And after the events of the past few days and reading kmelion’s post yesterday that was my ‘coping’ mechanism.
    I’m not placing blame, it’s just I don’t have normal ways to process things, so going and spending $500 in Macy’s last nite made sense

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