Black Friday

In the U.S. the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. This is when retailers put on unbelievable sales and idiots get up at the crack of dawn to try and get these sales.

To paraphrase the great Gary Busey:
“If you hold your values and morals close, you would not go shopping on Black Friday.”

Gary Busey may be a crazy burnout but he’s so win! I seriously wouldn’t get up at the crack of dawn for almost anything:

Now that clip is so sedate compared to this:

My mom sent her home attendant to fetch a Cabbage Doll for me. Someone punched an old lady in the face to get one. My mother’s home attendant got almost got drop-kicked. I did get my Cabbage Patch doll that year though.

Here’s my question: Are Americans the only nutters in the world? If you live outside North America, do you have crazy sales events like Black Friday?



10 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. OMG I was raised with this am my family tradition.
    I love it. I know I’m insane. I’m actually supposed to meet a freind at new outlets in tinton falls later today. They opened at MIDNITE. had I not been death sick my ass would have been there then. lol
    I hate the other people but I love the insanity of being sleep deprived and going ‘is this a good deal?;

  2. We got up at 4 am and waited inthe cold for “only” half an hour to get my son his DS Guiter Hero game. He paid and saved $20! I did not shop. I would have bought stuff I couldnot have afforded.

  3. Here we don’t have it at a regular date (though there are big Christmas sales everywhere) but we have these “let’s stomp each other to death trying to buy that plasma TV” events whenever a new retailer (usually part of some large chain) opens and has first-day sales.
    I don’t think I ever participated in one, I find cheap prices on everything over the Internet. Sometimes I need to pick my stuff up from a warehouse in the middle of nowhere, but that’s still better than getting stomped to death 😀 (and public transport is pretty good over here.)

  4. your not slacking the outlets opened november 13.
    It’s great I can go visit the cemetary and go outlet shopping within a mile of eachother, kind of creepy. Same road, same exit.
    Ok my review of the outlets the short version.
    It’s a good place for them geographically as it’s about 3 miles from the beach. So for a tourist season it will be great for either after a beach day, or the shitty rainy day.
    The outlet center is owneed byt eh same ‘group’ ‘corporation’ that ows woodbury commons, so it’s safe to assume that it willn expand with more stores.
    parking sucks soo bad…there isn’t a huge parking lot and since it was black friday we broke down and spent the 8 bucks for valet parking. which I would normally never do. But we only had like a 3 hour window.
    only 2 stores had lines- UGG and Juicy.
    We did go in ugg. My only complaint wiht the uggs store since it’s a ‘company’ store not an outlet the price were uggs retail price, they i think might have been slightly higher than the prices you can get from say nordstroms.
    My friend and I felt like the bulk of the stores we were either to young for or too old
    there was a store I had never heard of before that I did like the clothing it was a little matronly. and the skirts were either too long or that bad to long below knee to high above ankle
    It was called Cabi.
    Honestly I would never go for the outlets. I would go either on the way to or from ym grandparents or to the cemetary.
    I think the outlets in atlantic city are better. In my opinion I would go jersey gardens before I would go to the tinton fall outlets.
    But its not the kind of place I would say DON’T GO TO but rahter don’t go with high expectations.

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