Plus-sized intimates

What’s nice is that more stores are carrying full-figured bras. Those can be a pain to find.

My friend asked me what is the cut-off for full-figured bras.

IMHO, once the band hits a 38 (for any cup size) that’s full-figured territory. In terms of cup size, D-cup and above is full-figured. Some lingerie shops like Victoria’s Secret carries a 38 band. However, bras in D, DD, and DDD are few and far between.

Add that to the fact that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra. Every time, I lose or gain weight I get measured for a bra. For some reason it’s hard to find a competent person who can do bra measurements nowadays.

Where do I go? Not macy*s or VS. I trundle down to BraSmyth. They carry bras up to a H cup. The chicks over there know what they’re doing. The bras are pricey but they sell designer bras. If you don’t have a reliable brafitter near you, check this video out: Perfect Fitting Bra

It’s absolutely brilliant!

Now, Just My Size has pretty and affordable bras.

Avenue also carry bras that are mid-point priced. They have satiny Victoria’s Secret-type bras which are very nice. They also have pretty lingerie sets as well.

I found Hips and Curves has bras, bridal sets, and the whole nine. The bodyshapers, corsets, etc go up to 3X. The bras go up H. They are on the pricey side but you may find stuff you like.

The ultimate place is Bravissimo. They take US, Aussie dollar, the pound (it’s a brit company) and the euro. They carry up to a K cup. Carrying a 28 band?! Wow! Their bras are beautiful. I love their bras. Makes me wish I could hop on a plane to London. They got clothing, swimwear, and nightgowns/pjs as well. They are running a holiday wish list contest. See I’m not the only one out of their mind, 😉


2 thoughts on “Plus-sized intimates

  1. K cup? wow.
    In France even Ds can be hard to find. Or you’ll find them, but in “big” sizes. It’s hell for me every time because I have the average back but a really big cup. I can never buy in malls or “normal” brands, I need lingerie shops, which is always very expensive, think like 90 + euros/ bra. And from that, I need something not grannyish, not sluttyish, not ridiculous… really it’s hard, annoying and expensive. I hate shopping for bras.

  2. That’s precisely my problem. I’m a 36DD. A 36DD is harder to find than a 38DD in some respects. I used to really hate shopping for bras.
    Now, I’ve grown to tolerate it.
    ITA, that finding a non-frumpy, affordable bra is a daunting task. Bravissimo may be a good option for you because I found everyday bras in 30 – 60 euro range. T-shirt bras were in the 25 – 30 euro range.
    What kills me is finding sport bras. I really hate exercising w/o support.

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