I got my coat now I need boots…

before my feet turn in to ice blocks.

I’m trying to take advantage of DSW’s boot sale. However, I have large Big Bird feet. It’s amazing how hard it is to find size 10 shoes sometimes.

I restricted my search to cold weather boots. If I dared look at dress boots I would be done!

studded bootie
leather, “Rave,” also in brown suede, Der&#233on, $109, DSW
See what I mean?!

I have to go with function first.
{cold weather boots}

fuzzy lace-up boots
“Danik,” also in black, $110, DSW

waterproof suede
(in white,) Gojo by Sporto, $80, DSW

lug-heeled boot
leather, also in brown, $130, DSW

suede, also in black and brown, $110, DSW

Comment about these boots and other your fav cold weather boots!


6 thoughts on “I got my coat now I need boots…

  1. Personally I hart UGGs but I msut say I wouldn’t spend 110 on fake ones.
    You can get real ones for like 120/130. NAd if you do the ebates thing and ger free ship from someone yr even imho

  2. I wouldn’t either. I saw UGGs on sale for $100 over in Bensonhurst.
    I was just showing what DSW pulled up for my gigantic feet, LOL! I think I’m going to have to trundle down and try different boots on because I smashed my toe. UGG.
    Sorry for the bad joke! I’m going to eat now, LOL!

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