Coats…it’s getting cold outside

Well for me, the weather in NYC can’t seem to make up it’s mind. Some days it’s bitter cold. Other days are perfectly crisp! This is wreaking havoc on my poor lungs and skin, LOL!

I just bought my winter coat.
Hubster thinks it’s too tight. The funny thing is that it fits perfectly in terms of sizing; I think it’s the way the buttons are placed:

The coat definitely doesn’t feel tight around my bust which is usually the nixing factor for any top, jacket, or coat that I get! The only option I can think of is fluffing it in the dryer to get some of the wrinkles out. Thank goodness, this coat is machine washable/dryable!

I found this article of picking the perfect coat!
If I go by the criteria in the article, then this coat should work. Especially since it has an inner zipper and it goes up w/o “sucking in.” Even the sleeves go 1 cm past my wrists.

Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Coats…it’s getting cold outside

  1. hey!
    Hey, I’m Samantha….I’m adding you. I LOVE that you do post about modest clothing. Love it and it’s almost all the stuff I’d wear and are looking for, granted I’m NY so there is a lot of places I can shop…but I internet shop like crazy, so… I like it this way. I’m Jewish, a baal tshuva, whose been modest since age 15, (I’m 24)…but it’s always nice to add stylish pieces to my wardrobe and you’ve great taste.

  2. Re: hey!
    Welcome aboard Samantha. Thank you so much for your kind words! I KWYM about internet shopping. I’m in NY too!
    What I do is look at the stuff I like online and if the physical shop is running a sale I’ll just go and buy there so I can save on shipping. Now if I find free shipping then I’ll pounce, LOL!

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