More shopping for the plus-size preganant fashionista!

If fashionable plus-sized clothing wasn’t hard enough to find….try finding plus-sized maternity clothing that doesn’t make you want to spew. Thankfully, most major maternity lines carry up to 3X. I did include companies that carry up to 2X/3X in the general pregnancy posts. However, I couldn’t get into them all in the general posts. So here’s a special post just for y’all!


Frum Fashionista, do I need to get maternity clothes?

I advise taking a wait and see approach! Larger women tend to gain less when they are pregnant. The general rule for plus-size mommies is to gain between 15 – 25lb. during pregnancy. Now, most women don’t crack out the maternity clothes during early/mid-pregnancy. So you can get by with regular clothes for at least 4 – 6 months.

I find that women who are in the 1X – 3X range tend to need maternity clothing more that those in larger sizes. If you are a larger size and you want maternity clothing you have viable options!

Body shape is also a factor. If you are a “pear” (bigger on the bottom) or have a classic hourglass figure then you may be able to wear regular plus-size clothing by sizing up if necessary. If you are an “apple” (round in the middle) then it’s more likely that you’ll need maternity gear.

FYI: Most overweight women have healthy pregnancies and deliver without complications. So tell those butinskis that you’re not gonna end up on TLC as a medical freak!

Here are some potential risks that extra weight can have:

* An increased risk for gestational diabetes and high blood pressure
* Difficulty with hearing the heartbeat and measuring the size of the uterus
* Difficulty with vaginal delivery if the fetus is much larger than average

Please make sure you choose an OB that is not a jerk-face. Spending 36 – 40 weeks with a doctor who is constantly harping about your weight is not a way to spend a joyous time of your life. Now, obviously weight-loss is NOT an option when you are pregnant. Take this as an opportunity to incorporate more exercise and adding healthier food options if you are not doing so already because you are “eating for two.” (See the final post to see resources on exercising while pg and nursing!)

Here are some sites that I found to be decent resources for plus-size mommies-to-be:

Plus Mom Maternity

Woman Within’s Maternity Shop: a small selection but goes up to 4X.

JC Penney: has a decent plus-size maternity section up to 3X. However, their options are more on the classic side.

Lane Bryant Maternity: carries up to 5X.

Wal-Mart: carries basic clothing up to 3X. You will probably find more options in-store.

Just My Size: carries plus-size maternity top and lingerie. Basic and affordable.

Decent Exposures: has bras that are available in 150 sizes, 15 colors, and 3 fabrics, plus a latex-free option.

Bloom’n Fashion: an eBay shop that will customize your favorite skirts and jeans to maternity by using a special belly band that’s cute. (Up to 4X)

Do you know of any other plus-size maternity options? Post below and discuss to enter your entry for the Out of my mind contest!


2 thoughts on “More shopping for the plus-size preganant fashionista!

  1. cool! I’ve heard about them for years…I always wanted to try one out. I know a few women who used them as nursing bras and they loved them. Of course, I heard about them AFTER I bought my nursing bras, LOL!

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