Drop and give me ten (Out My Mind contest entry)

I think the dance world has hit a new level of crazy. I was reading O.K. magazine in the doctor’s office Friday morning and I spied an article about two dancers from the TV show Dancing With The Stars.

Apparently, two male dancers are slamming two female dancers for being too fat! Now the two male dancers are trying to say that their words were taken out of context. Whatever! Since when a size 4 is “too fat?!” When did curves become a cardinal sin? Remember back in the day when a size 6 was the ultimate?

So the pressure for the plus-size fashionista is enormous because if a size 4 is being called a fattie, then no one is safe from ridicule and scrutiny! So forget the number on the back of the tag because some idiot is always going to have a running commentary!

I’m not pressuring y’all to lose weight. Not in the slightest, I’m looking for fashionistas who are willing to be my exercise buddies. Who wants to make a commitment to lose just 10% of their weight?

This is my favorite BMI calculator (in both U.S. standard and Metric.)

Now, I hate typical gyms. I just don’t like them and why should I pay for humiliation? I loved my college’s gym because I got whipped into shape fast. When I became sick, I stopped exercising and fell off the wagon. I figured since holidays are coming up, I should ramp up my exercise again.

Personally, I like yoga a lot because I’m a high-strung fashionista. I love weight training too because I get a rush from it. I lost 30 lbs. last year. Here’s what I did:

&lowast Skip sugary drinks: no soda, only 1 cup of juice, and I drank mostly water!

&lowast Splurge- on occasion! I went to dinner with the Hubster every two weeks as a treat. If you can’t go out to dinner, make Shabbos your day to splurge. That way I had something to look forward to!

&lowast Weekly check-in with the scale. Some people like to weigh themselves on a daily basis. I don’t because I used to do that when I was anorexic so I avoid “ani” behaviors.

&lowast Attitude adjustment: Finding the right workout routine is important. I found exercises that I love doing. I looked foward to working out because it was such a stress-reliever! I also know that I get bored easily so I make sure to switch things up.

&lowast Be realistic: Factor in your lifestyle along with your personality. If you like running do that instead of swimming. Sneak in exercise where ever you can. I took to walking up and down the stairs in college. I walked back and forth to school. I ran around with my son on the weekend.

Discuss below to log in your entry for the Out of My Mind contest.


6 thoughts on “Drop and give me ten (Out My Mind contest entry)

  1. (((HUGS)))
    That’s cool. My FIL goes to OA too and he finds it helpful.
    It hard trying to maintain/lose weight and deal with an eating disorder at the same time.
    I have to shut off the little control freak “ani” voice in my head, LOL!

  2. I’m almost gain to have a losing partner in crime. although I can’t gurantee I will actually get off my ass and do anything. But a good 18/19 pound weight loss would do me good.
    one of My best friends from college suggested I go to OA, to cope with all my issues in my life. Primarily instead of restricting on food I’m like fuck it and I consume everything. not everything, but certain foods like pasta, taco chips, there is no limit between food and mouth
    like in my house we can’t just buy a pizza pie because my husband and I will eat in one sitting. (It’s amazing to me with these horrible eating habits neither of us are other 200 pounds)

  3. UTZ chips are not my friend!
    I know what you mean. For me, fall and winter are the hardest times for me to exercise because I’m into the outdoors!
    Between hubster, TP, and I a whole pizza pie is GONE. I’ve been known to polish off 3 or 4 slices.
    Now, my achilles heel is anything salty in a bag…I can eat a whole bag of chips in a sitting. eek! It’s really bad because usually I’m watching a movie or something like that:-(

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