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Handbags: a fashionista’s BFF

I know I’m an accessories addict.

I can’t afford the haute couture bags that I love. I would feel too guilty and Hubster would kill me. Plus, I’m so quioxtic that unless I LOVE a bag and I know I will have it for years, I won’t plunk down huge amounts of cash for it.

However, I found a site where I can go luxe without the guilt:
Avelle: It’s the Netflix for designer handbags, sunglasses, watches and jewelry. If you like the bag, then you can buy at a reduced price!

Of course there’s always eBay. However, I’m the type that like to change things up a bit.

Are you in the market for a handbag? Whether you are going for leather, vinyl, or cloth, look over the bag with a fine tooth comb with the following guidelines:
The Frum Fashionista’s Guide to Handbag Happiness: everything you need to know to find and care for your perfect bag(s)!

8 Cute Gifts under $25

Ah yes, the festival of lights is coming upon us. Here’s some recession-proof giftage that will make the recipients say OMG (in a good way!) Guaranteed to turn you into the gift-giving maven of the year, you may want buy some of these goodies for yourself 😉

rosette earrings
Resin “Rose” earrings, $15, lifemix

francophil notebook
6″X8″, lined or unlined paper, assorted colors, $4 ea., laughingelephant

old skool pendant
“Going for Baroque,” pendant, available in brasstone and silvertone, $15, Mark

chic correspondence
“Lulu,” $9/ set of 16, Kate’s Paperie

eye candy
“Trifeca,” Urban Decay, $22, Sephora

quilted tote
also in black and red, $15, old navy

golden threads
“Golden Scarf,” $12, Kosher Clothing

the fashionista’s manual
The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style, $20, Amazon

Casual glam: are you serious frum fashionista?

Oh yes my dahlings!

Being a fashionista is a 24/7 job! You don’t want to be caught out there wearing schmattas do you? I didn’t think so.

Thankfully casual can be glam!

glam hoodie
velour, also in black, maroon, and chocolate, $44, Junee’s

This is the matching skirt:

casual glam skirt
velour, also in maroon, black, and chocolate, $38, Junee’s

Don’t do lace?

sleek hoodie
velour, “Sarina,” also in brown, $32, Junee’s

cozy skirt
velour, “Teared,” also in blue, and brown, $32, Junee’s

velour maxi skirt
velour, $38, Junee’s

Black Friday

In the U.S. the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. This is when retailers put on unbelievable sales and idiots get up at the crack of dawn to try and get these sales.

To paraphrase the great Gary Busey:
“If you hold your values and morals close, you would not go shopping on Black Friday.”

Gary Busey may be a crazy burnout but he’s so win! I seriously wouldn’t get up at the crack of dawn for almost anything:

Now that clip is so sedate compared to this:

My mom sent her home attendant to fetch a Cabbage Doll for me. Someone punched an old lady in the face to get one. My mother’s home attendant got almost got drop-kicked. I did get my Cabbage Patch doll that year though.

Here’s my question: Are Americans the only nutters in the world? If you live outside North America, do you have crazy sales events like Black Friday?


Preggo chic: nursery glam…or not!

When I had my son many, many moons ago, the only thing I knew what that I didn’t want his nursery looking like Walt Disney had the sick in there. At the same time, I didn’t want it too look impractically grown-up either.

So how can a fashionista marry personal taste with a baby-in-residence?
Today, I’m speaking to mums like me who are minimalistic to the core! Stay tuned for nursery picks for the bohemian, artsy, and uptown mamas! Enjoy.


a neutral palette; streamlined furniture; with fun splashes of color is perfect for this mom!


modern rocker
birch frame with removable cover, also in black and black/white floral, $149, IKEA

mod changing table
wood veener with customizable color inserts, $700, allmodernbaby

boo who?
“Sp&#246ka” night light, also available in red and green, $15, IKEA

Fav bedding collections:

Dwell Studio for Target “Olivia” collection, $80

Dwell Studio for Target “Circles” collection, $80

Glenna Jean’s “Spa” collection, $300 (crib set)

Bananafish, “Cocoa,” $150 (crib set)

and last but not least, somewhere to put the new resident:

old-skool simplicity
mission-style crib, Bassestbaby, $200