Listen up curvaceous fashionistas…

A winter coat is one of those investments that is necessary. Thankfully, you can marry form and function. IMHO, that should be a woman’s right to get a winter coat every year if she wants.

You will never believe this… but I found the ultimate coats…and only for plus sizes.

Buckle up…

bubble trench
Waterproof Nylon, also in black, 1X-3X, $79, Missphit

burberry-inspired trench
Stretch knit, also in white, 1X-3X, $59, Missphit

not ghetto-fabulous peacoat
Wool-blend, also in crimson, 1X-3X, $69, Missphit

Like what you see so far? Disagree with my choices? Comment here to login your entry to the Out my Mind contest and stay tuned… for more eye candy!


8 thoughts on “Listen up curvaceous fashionistas…

  1. my other problem I’m somewhere between a midget and an oompa loompa.
    really I’m not quite 5 feet and I’m mostly leg. So I have a short torso, so I find most of the plus coats look ridiculous and I swim in them.
    Any thoughts. Other than a ‘ski’ jacket.
    My dress coat is 6 years old and it’s a men’s Ralph Lauren green label. ANd it’s a plan wool coat.

  2. The bubble trench is my favorite. It’s not your run of the mill trench. As for the plaid, it’s huge in NYC right now. ITA, the plaid trench has a wonderful line to it!
    I think a lot of women avoid patterns because they are afraid it will make them look bulky. I think the key is to have a proper fit in the first place.

  3. Re: Plus size Petite my dear!
    LOL! I know what you mean. My mother is 4’11” so she always has to get her petite clothing tailored anyway. Since you are 5″ I suggest seeing how it falls on you first. You may not need to hem it as much as you think. Since you are leggy you may find the sleeves more problematic than the length.

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