Fashion for the pregnant fashionista!

I got an email from a fashionista who found out she’s pregnant with her first child. If you’re in the same boat, Beshaa Tovah!

Every fashionista needs her gear and pregnancy doesn’t change that. One city in NJ that I used reside it, I saw tons of pregnant women trying to rock regular clothing. It doesn’t work. I don’t care how skinny you are, squeezing a belly bump into regular clothing doesn’t cut it. With so many affordable and fashionable options available, there’s no excuse!

I didn’t wear a tent without a belly bump, I wasn’t about to start when I was pregnant. Still, I didn’t want to break the bank finding my gear. There’s no need to lose sleep over maternity gear, frumfashionista‘s got your back!


So when can I show off my belly bump?
If this is your first time on the belly bump track, the first need you probably need to buy is a maternity bra. If your are small-chested (an A or B cup) you may go through several sizes along the way. If you are busty, (a C cup and up) then the breast changes may not be as drastic and/or happen as quickly. I’m busty and I did have to buy a sleep bra the first month because they were really sore.

First-timers may not need to buy maternity clothes until the 5th or 6th month. However, some women (especially second-timers) will need to run out and get maternity gear the 3rd month of pregnancy. You can get basic frumfashionista wardrobe essentials and not even spend outrageous amounts of cash!

7 Essentials for The Pregnant Fashionista’s Wardrobe

Dark Denim Skirt: an essential dressy casual piece!

High quality T-shirts and Layering Tops: get a mix of neutrals and colors and you’re set for 9 months.

Crisp Button-Down Shirts or Wrap Shirts: perfect for work, Shabbos, or a kiddush.

The Perfect Blazer: an all-season blazer can go from work to dressy casual with little effort. It’s a go-to weekend piece as well. :full of win:

A Killa Suit: Preggo-chic at it’s finest. Go for the classic colors: black, grey, brown/beige, or navy. IMHO, grey is the best choice because you can find warm or cool shades of grey. If you’re modern and wear pants, then you can opt for a 3pc. suit set. Others will have to scrounge for a skirt suit. This where the bulk of your wardrobe cash should be spent on!

Sweater: Choose any style/color that suit you best. Try to pick up two or three.

Black Slickbacks: Go for a low to mid-heel (no higher than 2-3 inches.) This is still your workhorse shoe. Once you get the bump, your sense of balance will be off big time. I tried to rock my platform pumps at 7 months and well…just don’t do what I did!

Classic Trenchcoat/Jacket: outerwear is important. Depending on where you live…trenchcoats are good for multiple seasons!

You’ll save so much money on clothing that you’ll have enough left over to get cute accessories for yourself. Which is very important for the post-partum period where you’re exhausted.

Stay tuned for a look at the gear!


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