Out of my Mind entry 2

Hi all!

I’ve been thinking about finding cool plus size clothing.

So, I’m putting y’all to work:

Target and Old Navy, IMO, has some of the hippest options for plus-size clothing.

What are some of your favorites stores/websites to get plus-sized clothing? Also, please indicated what style the fashion is (i.e. classic, trendy, contemporary, mixed, etc…)



8 thoughts on “Out of my Mind entry 2

  1. the few basic pieces I picked up this year were actually from Macy’s. I found they had a nicer selection of womans clothing that didn’t look like it was painted on, street walker type clothing. ie skirts and dresses, and an awesome suit
    I got my t-shirts from Gap. I didn’t like their quality so next round I’ll probably get my long sleeve t’s at Old Navy.
    What’s my style? I want to say ‘rag picker’ but then i sound like my mom. ‘I dressed myself in the dark.’ yes that’s my look
    It’s not my fault I dressed myself in the dark.
    It’s funny I tend to try to color match my head coverings to my outfit. So my outfit may be stained and not fit (for work) but my head covering matches. lol

  2. I used to like Ashley Stewart but I heard they fell off.
    And Torrid…well the names sayz it all!
    Old Navy is more my speed. I was so annoyed that they moved the plus size gear to online only.

  3. OK I wasn’t sure If I was just missing the plus in Old Navy.
    I used to do really well in Torrid. for skirts and for button downs. Then again that was in college, I haven’t seen a Torrid in a while 😦
    I know you can get NY&Co in plus from their site. but ehh It’s hit or miss by the season

  4. Coldwater Creek is quite pricey, I’ve gotten stuff there when they have 50% off sales that are quite nice – mostly classic, swishy – drapey stuff. What’s nice is that they don’t charge extra for plus sizes.

  5. I love http://www.silhouettes.com/. Back when I had more money, I used to buy a lot of stuff from. Their sizes are generous, I like the diversity in clothing, and they were the only place I could find a pair of those awesome knee-high boots that fit my calves.
    I’ve never bought anything from here, but I seriously love some of their stuff: http://www.shukronline.com/womens-shop-by-size-2xl.html. They only go up to 3X, which is enough for me, but may not be big enough for all your readers.

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