New finds

Last week, I made my first attempt with retro chic…

Here’s my latest effort:

I found this Xhilaration oblong scarf. It’s multipurpose: head scarf, belt (up to size L,) necktie, and of course… tied to your bag!

I did see the most beautiful Merona purple hobo in Target. It was $25 and not in the cards this week. It looked so gorgeous against my leather jacket. Oh happiness. I also saw a killa grey bag.

In Boro Park, I did find a nice simple sweater that happened to match the shoes I got yesterday… for $2!

$2 freaking dollars! Score!

I also found a thin v-neck black cardigan for $2. A good candidate for layering.

I also found two pairs of earrings for a total of $3. And I found cute sparkly hair pins for a $1 each.

They had all kinds of pantyhose and tights…but I was running short on time. Will definitely revisit!

It’s was a happy fashion day!


2 thoughts on “New finds

  1. Thank you!
    The sweater is short sleeved which I like because I’m not stuck with one look. I can use my l/s shells or sleevies to change the look. I got it from a store on 38th and 13th(?) Ave. in BP. After yontif, I will dig up the receipt from my envelope.
    I love this scarf because of the ruffles. Next time, I go to Target, I’m going to pick up the grey dotted (non-ruffled) version of this.
    Last night, I used it as a lightweight scarf and it looked surprisingly great with my brown trench coat.

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