post-shopping in Atlantis…

O.K. so I didn’t go twenty leagues under the sea to Atlantis. I only went to the Atlantic Terminal Mall, which is aptly named I think. This trip was so brutal I felt like I was fighting the giant squid.
By the end, I thought I was going terminal.

Enough of the whine, I got to get to the goodies table.

First I hit DSW. I hit pay dirt fashionistas! Now, I have to warn you… if you are a 10 – 11 women’s shoe; you are going to be in for a heck of a time in the clearance rack. Arrive early with a Red Bull in your hand because you’re gonna be there awhile.

This is what I found:
A pair of Black w/Silver Maryjanes by Skechers for $27

Madden Girl Nadia oxford
synthetic upper/sole, $24

Then I went to Target. Which was dramarific! Not my personal drama. I happened to walk into a battle of twits fighting over something. The insults were highly amusing though. I did extricate myself because I was on a mission.

I was determined to try out Assets by Sara Blakely. She’s the lady behind Spanx.
So I got:
Assets Perfect Pantyhose in Black. and the Perfect Underwear in Mocha. Now I’ve heard of people having problems with the ripping and the size chart being off. Now this wouldn’t surprise me because Tarzhay is famous for kooky sizing across the board.

I also picked up a pair of Merona fishnets tights for $6. My hubster fretted that it might be seen as trampish. He didn’t even bother to say not tznius. Fishnets can be very elegant depending on what you pair them with.

I also picked up pixi lip booster in Sindri, $18.

It’s semi-sheer and moisturizing. Plus you can put it over your regular lip color too. Let’s see if it can handle my lips in the winter time. It reminds me of Clinique’s Almost Lipstick Black Honey which is why I picked this up.

Then I walked into Old Navy and walked right back out… too say it was tore up from the floor up is an understatement. Even this fashionista wasn’t willing to brave long lines and clothing mounds.

that is all! Time for food…


2 thoughts on “post-shopping in Atlantis…

  1. Thank you! Hubster said “oooh!”
    The best part is that I can wear them on Yom Kippur because it’s all synthetic. If I had to choose between them and my Crocs…
    well I don’t have to tell you, LOL!
    My Crocs look horrible on me 😦

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