Last entry chance for Etrog My World Contest

Well, today is the last day of the contest…it was fun.

Desert Island question: What’s the one health or beauty product you HAD to have if you were to pack up and move to a desert island?

For me, it would definitely be my Aromaleigh foundation. You would have to fight me and the coconut to get it.

Comment and let me know what is your must have!


15 thoughts on “Last entry chance for Etrog My World Contest

  1. Definitely my Mac eye paint. That stuff changed my life! Before I got that little tube, all my eyeshadow would slide right off my eyes and hang out on my cheekbones…this was especially true of this gorgeous mineral eyeshadow from Israel that my dad bought me for Chanukkah. Now, it all stays put and doesn’t come off until I use make-up remover!

  2. It’s actually like a long sleeve t robe from Act 7.
    I bought it back in February off their sale rack.
    It’s that grr I don’t think I need plus but oh it’s only in plus we’ll than I guess I have to buy it lol
    I think it was maybe 20/25.
    If I could I would like in long sleeve t robes. At one point in grad school I went to school like that. ie those lazy days wehre it’s crappy weather and you have a final.
    The sequins were silver now they’re more clear, because I just put it in the dryer rahter than hanging it.

  3. Good eyeshadow is supa nice.
    Oh heck yes! MAC makes phenomenal stuff. I love their eyeshadows because they are so vibrant on my skin. I better take a trip to Sephora soon to pick up some goodies!

  4. Fashionistas can rock terry too!
    You crack me up! I so…know what you mean. I did that during mid-term/final’s week too. I have a chocolate brown/celedon piped terry hoodie/sweatpants set that I reserved for just those days. I had an OJ in one hand and a ciggie in the other. I found something in Junee’s for that very purpose, LOL!

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