A fashion experiment…

I was battling my computer and LJ. I had to find a program that could upload the amount of pics that I have. Apparently, LJ no longer provides Real Text for Firefox/Camino users. I have an iMac so that was a big problem for me because I refuse to use Safari even though Real Text shows up fine in it. Hopefully I resolved the issue so I’ll see how it flies.

Anyway, I’m trying a fashion experiment of sorts. I found a cotton cardigan in my storage tote. I also dug up my sheer black tie-neck that I bought from Target last year for $7 dollars. I could find the tie that goes with it for the moment, so I swipped a black sash from my long black O/U wear skirt.

Here’s the result:

So fellow fashionistas, comment for the “etrog my world” contest and tell me Yay or Nay! I’m leaving this one open all weekend because my computer has been slackin’ big time.


10 thoughts on “A fashion experiment…

  1. I thought so…
    I took it off at 9am. I was hunting for the actual tie because it’s wider and shorter.
    However, I caught the itis. You know I’m not feeling well when I don’t want to go shopping.

  2. not feeling the tie….actually it’s the bow it reminds me with the strings of those string ties that the name escapes me but I wanna call it a Bolero but I know that’s not the right name

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