Pregnancy Extras

Let’s get flippy!

Pretty skirts and dresses, oh my! Cute, comfy shoes too. The right dress is stunning and makes you feel all purdy-like. This section will also cover other extras such as accessories!

dresses: use these to stretch out your work gear or use them for shabbos. You choose!

flapper mama
Modal/wool blend, also in teal, up to 2X, $40 – $45, Gap Maternity

moderne mama
Tencel/cotton, $25, Gap Maternity

steampunk mama
Cotton/spandex, $50, up to 2X, GapMaternity

black-tie mama
also in black, $85, Crown Heights Maternity

royal mama
only in XL, $145, Crown Heights Maternity

skirts: alternatives for work, shabbos, and if you just don’t do denim!

sweater skirt
cotton, $30, GapMaternity

slinky skirt
polyester stretch, $34, lilo maternity

funky skirt
cotton, $15, Motherhood

velour skirt
cotton blend, $43, lilo maternity

tweed skirt
cotton blend, $25, Motherhood

shoes: no need to wear ugly shoes!

ballet flat
leather, also in brown, MeToo, $50, DSW

riding boot
synthetic, also in black, B.&Oslash.C. “Dina,” $90, DSW

slick slingbacks
leather, also in brown, Jones New York, $50, DSW

slouch boot
suede, also in black, “Porter,” $65 DSW

Mary-Jane flats
leather, “Neo”, $50, DSW

ankle boot
leather, also in black, camel, and red, Jones New York, $70, DSW

stretch boot
synthetic, also in black, Aerosoles, $60, DSW


I woke at 6AM and started working right away…it’s just not right!

Here’s what I did! I created a Frum Fashionista fan group on Facebook and I put my facebook badge on my profile.

Plus, I’m nauseous. O.K. that’s complete non-sequiter but that’s where I am at this morning!

Hopefully, I can ride the wave of nausea to finish up some posts before shabbos!

Pregnancy essentials (Part 3)

In this installment of maternity fashions we’re veering from outerwear to underwear. Woah!

Nothing polishes a look off like a great coat! A coat makes a statement about who you are and where you are going. Buy something that reflects your personality and you will “glow” even more.

The same could be said about lingerie. Buy the wrong bra and everything else seems off! Pregnancy is NOT the time to skip on a properly fitting bra. Do yourself a favor: plunk the cash down on some good-quality maternity/nursing bras that won’t fall apart after wearing it 2 or 3 times! This is especially important if you are thinking about nursing because good support and durability is a requirement!


liz lange) maternity trench
cotton blend, up to 2X, $45, Target

wool swing coat
wool, also in red, up to 3X, $50, Motherhood

mod swing coat
wool blend, also in grey, up to 3X, $88, Old Navy Maternity

Stylin’ skivvies!

What I’m wearing this week.

I had surgery so I can’t anything with a heavy waistband against my belly. So it’s skirts with give for me. It’s like I just had a baby without the 3 AM feedings.

So I had to get creative with my shabbos gear:


unit&#233 lace bolero
Cotton, $20, LaRedoute

white bodysuit
Cotton/spandex, $24, Junee’s

pleated skirt
Polyester/spandex, $40, FunkyFrum

I love how it pulled together: comfortable and elegant! What more can you ask for?

Listen up curvaceous fashionistas…

A winter coat is one of those investments that is necessary. Thankfully, you can marry form and function. IMHO, that should be a woman’s right to get a winter coat every year if she wants.

You will never believe this… but I found the ultimate coats…and only for plus sizes.

Buckle up…

bubble trench
Waterproof Nylon, also in black, 1X-3X, $79, Missphit

burberry-inspired trench
Stretch knit, also in white, 1X-3X, $59, Missphit

not ghetto-fabulous peacoat
Wool-blend, also in crimson, 1X-3X, $69, Missphit

Like what you see so far? Disagree with my choices? Comment here to login your entry to the Out my Mind contest and stay tuned… for more eye candy!

Pregnacy Essentials (Part 2)

Now for career clothing all you have to do is stick to the basics. I know, y’all don’t want to rock the same outfit several times a week (even with accessories.) I don’t blame you. Go snag a couple of sweaters, skirts and dresses! Skirts and dresses will appear in the upcoming Pregnancy Extras posts.


But for now, learn how to work it girl!

perfect blazer:

sophisticated mama
polyester, only available in M and L, $7

simple blazer
polyester, up to size 18, $45, Momshop

perfect blazer
polyester stretch, available in grey or chocolate brown, up to 2X, $30, Target

a killa suit:

sheath dress (coordinates with the perfect blazer)
polyester stretch, also in brown, up to 2X, $25, Target
Warning: this will work perfectly for petites. However, the hem is borderline for women around 5’8 or those who are “leggy!”

wrap-front all season suit
also in tan or grey, up to 3X, $99, jinji maternity

motherhood suit jacket
Polyester stretch, $40, Motherhood

motherhood suit skirt
Polyester stretch, $25, Motherhood

basic ruffled suit
polyester, also in pastels, up to 3X, $105 – $125, jinji maternity

princess ruffled suit
polyester, also in black/pink, up to 3X, $125, jinji maternity

sweater: great for layering and warmth!

essential turtleneck
cotton, up to 2X, $15, Target

essential v-neck
cotton, up to 2X, $20, Target

layering sweater
acrylic, also in beige, blue, pink, up to 2X, $30, Old Navy

essential cardigan
cotton, up to 2X, $20, Target

cashmere cardigan
wool, also in green, black, grey, and red, up to 2X, $70, Old Navy