Etrog my world: Poll #1


7 thoughts on “Etrog my world: Poll #1

  1. I’m using U.S. Women’s Measurements
    Juniors= is for teens/young adults; comes in sizes 1 -17
    Petite= 5’4″ and under; in misses size range
    Misses= 0-20 (average height of 5′ 5″ – 5′ 8″)
    Tall= 5’9″ and up; in misses range
    Plus size= 14W – 24W (in general) sometimes you can find plus size Juniors as well.
    I know Euro sizing is different but I’m not as familiar with them as U.S. measurements.
    Hope that helps!

  2. Re: I’m using U.S. Women’s Measurements
    Pfff so I got it wrong. I have no clue about US measurements so I chose “juniors”, when I should’ve apparently chosen “petite”. Am I really “petite”? I’m 5’3″, small breasts, wide back, thick upper arms (this one in particular makes lots of shirts my size don’t fit, but at least they are thick because of muscle and not fat, so I suppose that’s one of the costs of “keeping fit and healthy” 😀 ) average weight. I have relatively wide hips but I only wear long flowing skirts so it doesn’t really matter when purchasing clothing. Other skirts either restrict my movement (I hate that! I want to be able to KICK people 😀 ) or make me look barrel-shaped.
    Because of my rather unusual shape, my clothing sizes are kind of all over the map anyway. (makes it impossible to order stuff online! :O ) Maybe I should’ve just chosen the middle choice.
    (yes, I know that kicking people is not really modest… think of pikuach nefesh! ;] )

  3. Re: I’m using U.S. Women’s Measurements
    Women’s clothing tends to be all over the map in terms of sizing anyway. It varies from brand to brand. Heck, w/in the same brand something is sized a bit larger or smaller from the standard size. Target’s Merona brand is notorious for this.
    What’s interesting is that men’s clothing designers are making an athletic cut which allows for more defined and bulkier muscle mass. I haven’t seen much from women clothing in that respect save for workout gear.
    Petite sizing for the most part shortens the length of garments for women under 5’4″ while the general structure remains (more or less) the same.

  4. As for me, for all intents and purposes I’m a misses size L. However, I have to be very careful with skirts and shirts because my limbs are longer than average and my torso is shorter than average.

  5. Re: I’m using U.S. Women’s Measurements
    Ok… my brain is working slow, but I’ll try…
    Petite is for short women, miss is for the average woman, tall for tall ones, plus size for “bigger” women (what is W?).
    What is the need for junior? it seems covered by other categories?
    If someone is between 14 and 20, how do they know if they’re plus size or just in the high end of junior/petite/miss/tall?
    Euro sizing varies by country. It’s a horror.
    Generally it is accepted that a US 10 is a French 42. German clothing is generally wider and for more “athletic” women. Italian is much shorter, but also much wider on the “curves”.
    I’ve heard the smallest and thinnest is Japan.
    I suppose I would be in the Tall, and then… depends on the brand… depends for what type of clothes, depends on top or bottom… the worst is shirts because the buttons always gap for me. Even a size 18, I will float in it, but the buttons may still gap. I never wear shirts LOL

  6. Re: I’m using U.S. Women’s Measurements
    The interesting thing about Juniors is that they are targeted to teens. So technically it’s more about the styling of the clothing than the size. They are cut slightly thinner.
    W= Women’s size
    P= Petite size
    Many times these designations are found on the tag to distinguish a garment that is cut in multiple size ranges.
    That’s why Uniqlo is NOT my friend! I can’t get an arm in their tops let alone the rest of me.
    Button down shirts are hard for me because the buttons will strain under the pressure. The arms are fine, but the chest seems like there will never be enough room unless I get it tailored. Depending on the shirt, it may be worth the cost!

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