My personal lust list! (Part I)

To my hubster’s dismay, I have an deep affection (o.k. obsession) for accessories! He did get sweet revenge yesterday.  Hubster surprised me by calling me out to the hallway.  I had no idea he was wielding his camera phone.  When I walked out, I heard "click." Oh boy, did that cheese me off! 

This fall, the lady reigns supreme again!  Whether you’re into ’20s, ’40s, or ’60s glam, there is plenty fashion candy to snag!

I found plenty of feminine pieces during my closet raid. Of course, I need some essentials to round out my wardrobe. Every season, he breaks out in hives because he knows I will go on a shoe expedition!

This season is no exception! I’m a punk to the core but I’m a grown-up now. I love Edwardian and ’20s fashions. I’m still draw to vibrant colors.  So what is a punk-at-heart supposed to do? Mix separates in a divinely irreverent way.

Here’s what made my personal lust list:

lady g turtleneck
Polyester stretch, "Grace," $28, Necessary Objects, Junee’s

Wool Felt, $18, Laila Rowe

quilted satchel
Faux-leather, $25, Old Navy

lace wrap dress
Stretch jersey knit, $19, Newport News

spectator oxford
Synthetic, "Ollie," $50, Dollhouse, DSW

old-skool watch
Silvertone with inlaid stones, $27,
Timex, Overstock

Cotton, $20, Old Navy

pleated skirt (shown above)
Stretch Polyester, $38,
Ady by Neccessary Objects, Junee’s

Don’t worry, this not the end of ’20s fashion candy! I got lots more clothing to feed the fashionistas!