You haven’t seen any recent pictures of me…

(wow… evoking Robert Smith on the rimshot!)

So here they are…

After going out for Chinese food; I snagged this fortune which said, “You look pretty!”

I’m such a downtown girl!  My husband hates Chinatown and SOHO now.

Those ladies know an accessories fiend when the see one, LOL!

What do you mean I shouldn’t comment about my blog?

I love this dress!




Some people go with natural perfumes.  Some are allergic…

I love perfume!  I’ve been hooked since Love’s Baby Soft!

One intriguing perfume line is Bond No. 9.  The company makes perfumes named after NYC neighborhoods!

Of course, the Coney Island bottle peaked my interest!  They even have a killa Bondmobile!

I heart NYC!


I recently moved and I fell off the radar a bit.  That doesn’t mean I fell of the fashion wagon.

Some people are hat ladies.  You know who they are…  Some people don’t think they can carry off a hat.

Well fashionistas… most people CAN pull off a hat!  You just have to choose the right one. 

What I notice in many shuls, is that women get hats that everyone else has and don’t think about how it suits their face.  They just grab what they find in the frum shops.  While this is easy; it doesn’t mean that you will find something that suits you.

The four face shapes are round; oval, square, triangular, and oblong.

Round face: choose a hat that is wider than your face with angular styling and a high brim.  Avoid hats with a round or circular silhouette because that emphasizes the roundness.  Floppy hats are dicey for this face type as well for the same reason.

Oval face: can get away with almost any type of hat.

Square face:  A hat with a narrow brim can visually lengthen a square face.

Oblong face: Go for a wide hat with a floppy or curled brim.  Avoid a narrow brimmed hat if your face is long and thin.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use jewelry to balance the look of the hat or add a necklace. Count eyeglasses as an accessory and consider the effect on the line and balance of the hat.
  • Set an amount out of the clothing budget to spend on hats. Consider a dressier hat, high fashion, a summer straw hat, a cowboy hat or an ethnic look.

Frum Fashionista’s Summer Beauty Guide (Hair, continued…)

For those who wear sheitals I will give you the skinny on upkeep.

In addition, you see product reviews for sheital care products.

Also, some interesting styles to try for summer!

Sheital Care:
The main thing is to keep the tresses underneath super clean.  Otherwise, you’re asking for trouble.  I usually wash my wig once a week because it gets dirty and sweaty super fast during the summer.

Human Hair:
How To Care for a Human Hair Wig

Synthetic Wigs:
How-To Care for a Synthetic Wig


  • Cheap,
  • For some people they look more natural than a Euro hair wig
  • Easy upkeep


  • Can look cheap
  • Don’t last as long as a human hair wig
  • Itchy for those allergic to synthetic wigs

Anyone has favorite wigs manufacturers?  sound off!