DH version 10

DH and I had yet an argument Wednesday morning. Why? Because I’m making him buy some clothes.

See that’s the thing that irritates me. I have to force him not to be slob!

I set a plan into action. He has a black suit already. However he lost tons of weight and his current suit is too loose so he has to get it altered.

I heard the usual refrain: “I don’t have the money.”

Well, as nearly everyone else in the universe knows: you can’t go to an interview looking like you’ve been sleeping in the bus depot! Unless you’re Will Smith of course.  Only he can get hired with a wife beater t-shirt.

I told him remember that the snobby people that he despises so much will be the ones that are hiring his arse!

So Wednesday morning we hit the outlet mall!

The first thing I had to take care of was his hair.  The way he carried on about it was like I booked and appointment at Bumble + Bumble. Usually, hegoes to these Spanish barbers but his hair always ends up looking corny: short and pushed back banker-style.  The problem with that is that it doesn’t suit his face. Plus, he doesn’t maintain his hair. So I looked for a style that suited his personality and his face.

DH has an oblong face and a big nose.  I looked at men’s haircuts that would suit his face and personality.

I finally settled on a faux-hawk!  Hell, he wakes up in the morning like that so I decided to stop trying to fight nature.  I dragged him into MasterCuts and he looked so miserable, LOL! Why?

Because, some in the men in my community go there and their hair looks blah! I told him that “they probably don’t know what suits them. Plus, I know what look I’m going for so leave me alone.”

The hair cut cost $16.  Plus, she did trimmed his eyebrows and other necessary men’s grooming stuff.

It works with his kippa too yay! I love how this style looks on him but he didn’t want me to post it so I edited the image slightly so y’all can see it:

I like that this requires minimal styling.  Hell, even DH can smoosh wax around and spike it up.  Plus, you can go subtle or extreme with this cut.  Finally, a short hair style on him that I love!  I think it looks contemporary professional.

MasterCuts was also running a sale on Paul Mitchell products (buy one get 50% off) so I bought him:
elastic shaping paste, $13  I figured it would be pliable enough for him to play with it to get the spiking right and strong enough to hold.  Plus a little goes a long way.

Tea Tree special Conditioner, $5.25 (normally $11.50) DH’s hair is normal to oily so I decided to try this out on him.  This is fabulous stuff!  His hair didn’t feel weighed down.  So I’m definitely buying the shampoo.  She also gave him a sample of American Crew Pomade.

Once I took care of the hair problem, I began hitting the stores.

  1. Daffy’s: I found a size 46 Long medium grey suit for $99.  Plus the suit had an old-school peak lapel and a double vent (which is more Euro and adds more shape to the suit)  Score!  [He complained that the pants were too long.  I told him that he needed a Long instead of a regular because he’s tall (6’1″)  and you can’t tell how they are going to fit unless you are wearing dress shoes.  He whined a little.  DH knew I wasn’t going to budge so he stopped.  DH wanted to get the 44 Long but I put my foot down.  Once he saw the difference, in the fit of the jacket he understood what I was talking about.]

    It’s easier for the tailor to work with clothing that needs a minimum of tweaking.  So he bought a 46 Long medium grey suit for $99. 

    Additionally, I pick up a 3pk of Calvin Klein dress socks for $5 and a 6pk. of Brooks Brothers white cotton hankys for $5.

  2. Haggar Outlet:  DH was getting cranky and he didn’t want to go shopping in the first place.  I was beginning to feel like I had a four year old in tow not a 40 year old man.    I was looking for a khaki cotton suit.  They didn’t have it.  Anyway, I asked the saleswoman if anyone did alterations in the mall and she pointed me to Burlington Coat Factory.  The in-house tailor accepts outside alterations.  Woot!
  3. Kenneth Cole:  I love Kenneth Cole.  They put out good quality modern footwear.  (I’m wretched but I hate shoe shopping even when it’s for myself.)

    tried every conceivable loafer/slip on shoes and they kept sliding around on his foot.  So I had to yield and get him lace ups.   After 45 minutes, we settled on two black oxford lace ups:
    New Guy, $45
    By The Way, $105
    and an all-purpose shoe shine sponge, $5

    I figured since he has a black suit already then I should go with black.  I figured that we could go for a brown pair later on this week.

  4. Burlington Coat Factory:  I liked the tailor right away because he was old-school and knew exactly what I was looking for in terms of fit.  I toldDH to put on the shoe with the higher heel which was nearly a 1/4″ higher.  At this point DH just did what I asked him.  The tailor was really impressed with the suit I bought. The jacket was a perfect fit.  The pants he hemmed/cuffed for $9.  He did it in 30 minutes- can’t beat that!
    Very nice…

    I also had the tailor measure DH for a dress shirt.  (My estimate was 18 1/2″ with a 35/36 sleeve.)   The tailor told me that a 19″ neck and 35/36 sleeve would be better.  For a newbie, I think I came pretty darn close.

    I found an Oleg Cassini French Cuff white shirt in DH’s size for $14.

    BCF is the place to go for Big and Tall sizes.  They carry up to size 60!  I’m so glad I finally know where to go…

Additionally, he took in his black suit to get altered and the jacket to his grey suit altered Friday morning.  We’re going to pick it up tomorrow AM.

What cracked me up is that he actually wanted to repair the suit we got married in.  I said no.  He almost said, “you like spending money” but he saw the look on my face.  I got really calm and said, “look that suit is a 36.  Those days are looong gone.  Let it go.”


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