Rehab for the un-sartorial dude!

Behind every great man, there’s a great woman running the show behind the scenes. Or he has access to a great personal stylist šŸ™‚ This fashionista is hitched to a pretty unfashionable man. It is very difficult to get him to go clothes shopping. It always turns into an epic battle between beauty and the geek. After a decade of “extreme frugality” and a resistance to style I decided to put a plan in to action to revamp my hubby’s wardrobe.

How did I get him to cooperate? Well, I think what helped is that the other dudes in our shul didn’t really want to hang out with him. He looked too scruffy for the young professional set. Another thing that helped is that he lost tons of weight. Now he’s swimming in his clothes and his fashion options skyrocketed. I think he got tired of being rejected and scorned. Last week, he came up to me and asked if I could help him dress because “obviously I look like a wreck!”

On one hand, I know tons about women’s fashion. I know what looks good on me for the most part. I know when I see other women wearing something completely wrong for them. Men’s fashion is another story. So I consulted the uber-mag for dude clothing: GQ!

Building The Perfect Business Wardrobe
This helped me out a great deal.  It broke down the components of the perfect suit.  From the perfect fit to great suits as examples it cover a lot of aspects. Unfortunately, I’m completely clueless about dude clothes. So I had to dig further.

So I watched the Suit Your Shape video on GQ:
Now this cleared up the picture a lot. It covers tall, short, stocky, and athletic dudes. Another thing I notice that that short dudes insist on getting regular instead of short so they end up looking like they raided big brother’s closet.  This is just sad.  Now things were clicking in my head. My husband is tall and stocky. So I have a combo of two issues. :headdesk:  

What’s nice (and challenging) about re-building my hubby’s wardrobe in the summertime is that I can get away with getting lighter weight and light colored suiting to start with.  Darker colored suiting I can hit the clearance rack.

Oh how I love living near an outlet mall!  Plus, everyone is running a father’s day sale.  The hubster’s frugality rubbed off on me, LOL!  My style will not be compromised though.   I’m amazed at the depth of men’s fashion.

I figured I should

  1. Alter the current black suit he has.
  2. Buy a khaki cotton suit.
  3. Buy a grey suit.
  4. Buy a navy suit.

I figured I could find navy and grey suiting on clearance or on sale.  So I’m going to hit Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole Reaction outlet

My challenge is finding a shirt that fits.  Why?  Because the hubster has a huge neck.  He has an 18.5″ neck.  Most shirts stop at 17.5″  Gah!


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