Rebuilding my wardrobe… one piece at a time!

I grew tired of my clothes falling off me so I went a shopping.  I got tons of stuff on the cheap.

Yesterday, I went to the Victoria’s Secret Outlet in the mall.

I snagged four bras for $5.99 ea. and a sports bra for $2.99

Before that I shopped a go-go with my chadwick’s gift certificates:
Here’s my latest acquisitions:

  1. Azure Print O-Ring Knit Dress, $20
  2. Black Mary Jane Slingback, $17
  3. Anne Kline White Double Belt, $27
  4. Dark Denim Skirt, $21
  5. Ballerina neck tees (2 for 1:black/white), $9  (still waiting on these)
  6. Black Lace Bolero jacket, $25
  7. Cropped Black Striped Black Blazer, $17
  8. White/Blue Printed l/s top, $13 
  9. Striped Double-Breasted trench coat, $30
  10. CZ earrings, $34 (still waiting on these)
I think the dress looks ab-fab on me!  I used my black shell underneath.  I can’t find my white one 😦 
For some reason, it keeps disappearing…

What do you think?
Seriously loving the dress…

This is what I also got for my arsenal:
Blue/Vanilla O-Ring knit dress, $50 (with the promotional code I paid $40 for ea. dress)
Blush Multi O-Ring knit dress, $50 (if I knew how good I would look in thisdress I would have bought them all when they were $20)
Black Slingback Heels, $35
Pocket Skirts (one in black, and one in grey), $9 each.  (These are iffy because they 24.5″ long and I’m a little concerned that they may be too short for me…)
Beige patterned drop-waist skirt, $14  (I think the length would be o.k. on this skirt since it’s 28.5″  But I don’t know if I could pull it off…)
Pink wrap-style cardigan, $18
Faux-Chanel sunglasses(similar to shown), $5
Straw fedora, $25  Oh, Urban Outfitters, how I love you so…


4 thoughts on “Rebuilding my wardrobe… one piece at a time!

  1. Looking FIERCE, girl!
    They just opened a new beauty supply place down the street from me. OMG, it’s like “black lady hair heaven”. It’s huge, clean, well lit with wide aisles, a beauty and nail shop attached, and has every black hair product known to mankind. The whole back of the shop is a beautiful selection of wigs, and more extension hair than you can shake a braid at.
    I now have pincurl clips (3 sizes!), setting lotion and a sleep cap for my set. I also have fade cream for the little sun spots and uneven skin tone that one gets when one passes 40. I could never find these things at Rite-Aid or Walgreens.
    Remember that scene in Jerry Maguire? “I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!”

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