Building your Frum Fashionista wardrobe…

I lost a ton of weight recently (25 lb. to be exact!)  I went from a size 16 to a size 12!  Nearly everything in my closet is waaaay too big for me.  Everyone tells me that they hate my guts for losing all this weight.  Sorry?!

Now what if you’re like me and discovered you need new stitches on your back…  You can’t go crazy and get a ton of stuff all at once.  What the heck does a fashionista do?  Look in her closet of course!

Many women open their closet and everything falls into one of three categories:

  • Clothes that don’t see the light of day.
  • What we actually wear and the ubiquitous,
  • “If I lost 10 lbs, I could rock this! Sigh…”

I live in a Modern Orthodox community where many women wear pants outside of synagogue. If you have that option, great! Use it to your advantage. I only wear pants when I’m working out.
I told you where to go…

What is your signature color?
Mine is pink. Now don’t go overboard with your signature color. Use it closest to your face or wherever you want to highlight, in your accessories, and bling!

6 Essentials for the Frum Fashionista’s Wardrobe

Dark Denim
Whether you choose jeans or a skirt, dark denim is dressy casual, great for an evening out, and the weekend.

High quality T-shirts and Layering Tops
For goodness sake put the dickies down. I don’t like them. They are weird. A good t-shirt will last two years or more. Get a mix of neutrals and colors.

Crisp White Button-Down Shirts or Wrap Shirts
Be careful with this one. You have to know which white you can wear. How to tell?
If you look washed out or the shirt looks “yellowed/dirty” on you, then you’re wearing the wrong white.

The Perfect Blazer
If budget is an issue, go for a well-constructed blazer that you can wear mulitple seasons. If the blazer hits your body in the wrong place, you will look like you were chopped in half or you borrowed your older sister’s. Very few people can carry off and unconstructed blazer. Don’t do it to yourself.

A Killa Suit
Think power-chic ladies. Go for the classic colors: black, grey, or navy. I put navy last because I see too many women wear navy and I’m getting sick of it. What’s sad it that I love navy so much. Black is a safe bet for most people. I think grey is a more daring choice because you don’t see it that much. Some women opt for a 3pc. suit set (jacket, skirt, and pants.) Others will have to scrounge for a skirt suit. This where the bulk of your wardrobe cash should be spent on!

Cashmere sweater
You can find these on sale at the spring clearance sales. Choose any style that suits you best and pick out colors that look great on you. Don’t buy if it doesn’t look good. Period. If you find these on sale try to pick up two or three.

Black Slickbacks
Go for a low to mid-heel (no higher than 3 inches.) Pointy toed shoes works for everyone. Even if you wear a size 10 or larger, it looks great. It’s versitile. Good for work. This will become your workhorse shoe.

5 Extras for the Frum Fashionista’s Wardrobe
Classic Trenchcoat
Now you look at every major style icon and they rock this! Check out Filene’s, Gap, Target instead of shelling out $$ for a Burberry. A just below-the-knee length will work for most women.
If you want to play around with the trench, go for a cropped style if it suits your frame or an alternate color like black instead of the traditional tan.

Fancy Earrings
You can go for faux-diamond studs (bling for the broketh) or a nice pair of chandelier earrings.

Metallic Evening Shoes
Great for an evening out or a simcha.
Personally I would go for a metallic peep toe slingback like this! Somehow, metallic evening sandals make my size 10 feet look like they belong in a gladiator ring instead of a ballroom. If you can get away with a metallic sandal then have at it hoss.

Chic Simple Clutch
A safe bet is black. If you want to go for a metallic clutch, match it with your metallic evening shoes.

Stylish Daytime Black Bag
Again black, camel, and brown are safe bets. If your wardrobe is neutral heaven, then go for colored bag. If you go for color, don’t spend too much on it or go to trendy.
Other Essentials…
Ever since I had my son, my feet have become the bane of my exsistence… I can’t wear heels like I used to.

I found foot petals. I bought a pair of Killer Kushionz and these blow Dr. Scholl’s out of the water. I’m going to get the cushions for the heels and ankles next because those are still a problem.

Properly fitting underwear. If the foundation is messed up then nothing is going to look right. If you are busty, it’s really important to get the right bra so things don’t head south. That’s another post for another day…


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