Men’s Wardrobe (in practice)

Well, I must be doing something right because DH aced his job interview and got the job!

This was taken 6 AM in poor lighting.

His glasses took on a Max Headroom quality in the photo.

Shirt: Lacoste (the shirt is a light french blue with med. blue; silver-grey; and black stripes)
Tie: Jos A. Banks (med. blue which matched the med. blue stripes in the Lacoste shirt)
Suit: Med. Grey suit


ACK! Another skin care post.

I have to apologize to my fellow fashionistas!  I just moved and I was lax with my fashion posts before hand.  Now I have to get back into the swing of things…

As per,

‘s request, I’m posting a skin care post.  

 has combination skin (she has to deal with dry skin and acne.)  I have this skin type too and believe me it is tricky to deal with.


What happens with people who suffer from combination skin is that they have to deal with dry patches and oil slicks!  The oily parts are over-compensating so to speak!  So it’s a challenge to keep this skin type happy.

Also, my skin tends to get oilier during the summer so I’m a hot, oily mess with two dry patches.  (Other factors include: makeup, smoking, hormones, and stress!)

Things You’ll Need:

  • Moisturizing cleanser
  • Toner for combination skin
  • Lightweight daily moisturizer
  • Exfoliant
  • *Pore strips*
  • The perfect makeup
  • Cotton balls
  • Night cream
  • Eye moisturizer
  • Water

General Instructions:

  1. Avoid using cleansers that target oily or dry skin.  Get a cleanser specifically for Combination (or Normal to Oily in a pinch) skin. Use a cleanser that is moisturizing instead of drying or milky. Cleanse the skin twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.  Over-washing will strip the skin.
  2. Exfoliate a few times a week to remove dry skin and help cut back on blackheads. Concentrate on blackhead problems by using porecleansing strips. Follow the manufacturer instructions for the best results.
  3. Apply a moisturizing toner to your entire face after cleansing and exfoliating. Put a small amount on a cotton ball and smooth it over your entire face. Let the toner dry before applying moisturizer.
  4. **Moisturize your skin daily. Moisturize dry portions of your skin twice daily. Use an all-purpose moisturizer for combination skin in the mornings. Apply a rich facial cream to your dry areas at night. Use a lightweight moisturizer that is oil free for your oily areas at night time.**
  5. Always use an eye cream to moisturize the delicate area around your eye. Do not use heavy creams or all purpose moisturizers around your eyes. They can cause clogged pores and damage the delicate skin.
  6. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.  This helps both the dry and oily parts!

My Current Arsenal:

The best department store/boutique brand for combination skin is Boscia!  The best department store/boutique brand for zapping zits is Philosophy!  That stuff got rid of zits that I had for years within a week.  But it’s super strong!

My Sephora Arsenal:

  • On A Clear Day Super Wash For Oily Skin, 1 oz  (on the oily parts)
  • Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic
  • On A Clear Day Blemish Serum for Adult Acne, 1 oz
  • On A Clear Day Hydrogen Peroxide Cream (dotted on the zits and shiny spots)
  • Dior  HydrAction Creme Sorbet(all over).


  • Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel, 1.86 oz
  • Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic
  • Boscia Recharging Night Moisture

If I had to choose I would go for the Boscia line and pick up the Philosophy blemish serum!

The Philosophy Oxygen peel is the bomb!

Also, some makeup acts really screwy with combination skin.  Oil-free and non-comedogenic should be on the bottle.  So far, Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup has worked out nicely for me!  The Glissade formula is best if your skin is on the drier/sensitive side.  The Voile is great is your skin is on the oilier tip!

Another great makeup brand is Smashbox!  I don’t get clogged and my dry patches are happy!

Also look at the shampoo you’re washing your hair with.  Your shampoo/hair products could be triggering oil flare ups.  My hair is drier than a brit’s humour so I wash my hair before my face.  Does that make sense?

*RE: Biore strips.  These only work for people with blackheads/huge pores.  They didn’t do much for me.  I couldn’t pull them off…I had to wet the strip to get them off.  They worked wonders for the hubster though!*

**Moisturizers** Take this with a grain of salt.  Don’t put a moisturizer that’s super rich on the dry parts unless you know it won’t make you break out…. I can’t stress this enough!  That’s why I cough up the extra cash and get the Dior because it’s lightweight and handles the parched spots w/o me waking up to Krakatowa!

Give me a couple of hours to come up with an eye cream recommendation!

Socks and Sandals: Crazy or Cool?

  posted this article about socks and sandals:

Socks & sandals: Sexy or just sad?

Trend-setting designers are taking dad’s faux pas and putting it on the runway. But does that make it right?

June 14, 2008

David Graham

Long derided as the ultimate menswear misstep, wearing socks with sandals is being elevated to the status of fashion trend.

The S&S look, commonly worn by nerdy tourists, aging hippies, grunge musicians and outdoorsy types, was trotted out unabashedly during the spring menswear collections of designers like Miuccia Prada, Stefano Pilati for Yves Saint Laurent and Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga.

For fashionistas, this odd coupling of socks and sandals constitutes a particularly egregious type of male fashion crime and belongs in a category that includes flood pants, too-tight clothing, pinkie rings and fanny packs.

Nevertheless, a handful of truly directional fashion designers feels they have the clout to turn what’s considered by many to be a lapse in judgment into something that approaches avant garde.

The look is loathed, particularly by women.

Toronto wardrobe stylist Georgia Groom, for one, is aghast.

“There is nothing remotely cool about the look. Even as an ironic fashion statement, it still makes me cringe. It’s inelegant and, let’s face it, it’s not particularly virile.

“I can see how some cute kid could bust out the look but I’m not letting my boyfriend anywhere near it.”

Popular sex-and-relationship blogger Isabella Snow has ordered dates to return home to change when they’ve showed up sporting the offending S&S combo.

“I think most of you do it because you think it looks good…or at least normal,” she writes.

“Let me tell you, this look is about as sexy as a pocket protector and horn-rimmed glasses. Unless you’re a 10th grade algebra teacher, this look is inappropriate.”

Check for examples of men who have been captured on film in heavy work socks with Birkenstocks or black dress socks with Tevas.

Look up “socks and sandals” in the Urban Dictionary for a definition that’s blunt. “A footwear combination worn only by the fashion-challenged.

“If it’s hot enough for sandals, it’s too hot to wear socks. If it’s cold enough to wear socks, it’s too cold for sandals.”

Sixtysomething Jorgen Fleischer wears his socks and sandals, proudly despite the protests of his wife.

“Men’s toes never look very nice,” says the consultant engineer who lives in Walter’s Falls, Ont. “They are not very appealing. Women dress their toes and take better care of them.

“My wife thinks it un-cool. But I don’t know what’s wrong with it.”

The socks-and-sandals trend is part of the larger nerd movement that may go back as early as the 1950s, when teens wore jeans with turned-up hems and horn-rimmed glasses.

In the decades since, the dork-as-fashion icon has surfaced periodically in men’s and women’s attire.

According to the experts, the movement reached its geeky zenith in the ’90s when members of the burgeoning computer-savvy generation soared to financial success – creatively turning geek into chic.

Its sex appeal would come later. Remember the bumper sticker “Talk Nerdy to Me”?

In his new book American Nerd: The Story of My People, Benjamin Nugent suggests the Saturday Night Live characters Lisa Loopner (Gilda Radner) and boyfriend Todd (Bill Murray) may have parented subsequent generations of nerds, including such famous dorks as the characters in Revenge of the Nerds and the socially awkward Napoleon Dynamite.

Today, the TV show Beauty and the Geek keeps the spirit alive that being tragically un-hip is decidedly cool.

Consider the cool and un-cool boyfriend of Juno in the film of the same name. The character played by Brampton’s Michael Cera walks a fine line. At one point, Juno tells the young father of her yet-unborn child that she loves him because he’s so effortlessly cool. He responds by admitting that he works really hard at looking effortless.

Though he doesn’t wear socks and sandals in the film, he represents the cool power of not chasing cool.

To pull the look off with panache, there has to be irony. David Beckham and Jake Gyllenhaal have been photographed in sandals and socks. And while they have retained their sex symbol status, they have been judged harshly by style watchers.

Also, Toronto’s Georgia Groom has one piece of advice for anyone hoping to adopt the trend. “Make sure your sandals are fantastic. No Tevas.”

So, be warned, this sudden burst of interest in socks and sandals on the runways of Europe does not give regular Joes permission to engage with the look. Anyone considering it should approach with extreme caution.

Wearing socks and sandals is still the sartorial equivalent of pulling the waistband of your pants up to your armpits Urkel-style. Put a foot wrong in these new designer versions and you could be mistaken for a backpacking tourist from Dusseldorf.

That’s the challenge associated with all geek-chic trends – making sure the viewer knows you know better, but you’re doing it anyway.

Toronto Star

  quipped, “Honestly, though, the worst part of this article is how wearing socks with sandals is such a “male fashion faux pas”. It plays into the stereotype that men are idiots who can’t dress themselves and that they don’t know how to select stylish outfits. I cringed when I read that Isabella Snow sent her dates home to change when they arrived at her home in socks and sandals. Talk about a priority problem!”
I have to disagree that this is a exclusively a “male fashion faux-pas!”  How many seminary/college girls have you seen pull this foolishness off!  I went to college in NYC and I saw plenty of that mess.  Hell I did it too.

I only did this once when I was working.  I lost a half a day’s pay because I wore socks with Birkenstocks.  Ever since then, I get sickened spying someone run the streets in this combo.  

I want to slap slap some sense into anyone I see doing this.  In a sad turn of events as I was reading this DH saunters over and starts reading over my shoulder.  DH said, “I’m so there!”  Then he asked, “What’s worse: white crew socks or black dress socks with sandals?

Oh heck no!

Father’s Day alert!

Take advantage of those Father’s Day sales!

For those who have hubbies who fit into regular suits… Target has cotton khaki suits for $110!  They do carry tall jackets but the pants are regular sized.  What the fresh hell?  Additionally, the pants are pleated.


Interesting ties I saw in Target:

For the modern sartorial dude in your life:
Online only
Pink Framed tie, $20
Blue Floral tie, $20

Available in store:
Blue Circle Floral tie, $20
Black Solid Knit tie, $20

Classic ties you can find anywhere.  I’m not bothering with those.

DH version 10

DH and I had yet an argument Wednesday morning. Why? Because I’m making him buy some clothes.

See that’s the thing that irritates me. I have to force him not to be slob!

I set a plan into action. He has a black suit already. However he lost tons of weight and his current suit is too loose so he has to get it altered.

I heard the usual refrain: “I don’t have the money.”

Well, as nearly everyone else in the universe knows: you can’t go to an interview looking like you’ve been sleeping in the bus depot! Unless you’re Will Smith of course.  Only he can get hired with a wife beater t-shirt.

I told him remember that the snobby people that he despises so much will be the ones that are hiring his arse!

So Wednesday morning we hit the outlet mall!

The first thing I had to take care of was his hair.  The way he carried on about it was like I booked and appointment at Bumble + Bumble. Usually, hegoes to these Spanish barbers but his hair always ends up looking corny: short and pushed back banker-style.  The problem with that is that it doesn’t suit his face. Plus, he doesn’t maintain his hair. So I looked for a style that suited his personality and his face.

DH has an oblong face and a big nose.  I looked at men’s haircuts that would suit his face and personality.

I finally settled on a faux-hawk!  Hell, he wakes up in the morning like that so I decided to stop trying to fight nature.  I dragged him into MasterCuts and he looked so miserable, LOL! Why?

Because, some in the men in my community go there and their hair looks blah! I told him that “they probably don’t know what suits them. Plus, I know what look I’m going for so leave me alone.”

The hair cut cost $16.  Plus, she did trimmed his eyebrows and other necessary men’s grooming stuff.

It works with his kippa too yay! I love how this style looks on him but he didn’t want me to post it so I edited the image slightly so y’all can see it:

I like that this requires minimal styling.  Hell, even DH can smoosh wax around and spike it up.  Plus, you can go subtle or extreme with this cut.  Finally, a short hair style on him that I love!  I think it looks contemporary professional.

MasterCuts was also running a sale on Paul Mitchell products (buy one get 50% off) so I bought him:
elastic shaping paste, $13  I figured it would be pliable enough for him to play with it to get the spiking right and strong enough to hold.  Plus a little goes a long way.

Tea Tree special Conditioner, $5.25 (normally $11.50) DH’s hair is normal to oily so I decided to try this out on him.  This is fabulous stuff!  His hair didn’t feel weighed down.  So I’m definitely buying the shampoo.  She also gave him a sample of American Crew Pomade.

Once I took care of the hair problem, I began hitting the stores.

  1. Daffy’s: I found a size 46 Long medium grey suit for $99.  Plus the suit had an old-school peak lapel and a double vent (which is more Euro and adds more shape to the suit)  Score!  [He complained that the pants were too long.  I told him that he needed a Long instead of a regular because he’s tall (6’1″)  and you can’t tell how they are going to fit unless you are wearing dress shoes.  He whined a little.  DH knew I wasn’t going to budge so he stopped.  DH wanted to get the 44 Long but I put my foot down.  Once he saw the difference, in the fit of the jacket he understood what I was talking about.]

    It’s easier for the tailor to work with clothing that needs a minimum of tweaking.  So he bought a 46 Long medium grey suit for $99. 

    Additionally, I pick up a 3pk of Calvin Klein dress socks for $5 and a 6pk. of Brooks Brothers white cotton hankys for $5.

  2. Haggar Outlet:  DH was getting cranky and he didn’t want to go shopping in the first place.  I was beginning to feel like I had a four year old in tow not a 40 year old man.    I was looking for a khaki cotton suit.  They didn’t have it.  Anyway, I asked the saleswoman if anyone did alterations in the mall and she pointed me to Burlington Coat Factory.  The in-house tailor accepts outside alterations.  Woot!
  3. Kenneth Cole:  I love Kenneth Cole.  They put out good quality modern footwear.  (I’m wretched but I hate shoe shopping even when it’s for myself.)

    tried every conceivable loafer/slip on shoes and they kept sliding around on his foot.  So I had to yield and get him lace ups.   After 45 minutes, we settled on two black oxford lace ups:
    New Guy, $45
    By The Way, $105
    and an all-purpose shoe shine sponge, $5

    I figured since he has a black suit already then I should go with black.  I figured that we could go for a brown pair later on this week.

  4. Burlington Coat Factory:  I liked the tailor right away because he was old-school and knew exactly what I was looking for in terms of fit.  I toldDH to put on the shoe with the higher heel which was nearly a 1/4″ higher.  At this point DH just did what I asked him.  The tailor was really impressed with the suit I bought. The jacket was a perfect fit.  The pants he hemmed/cuffed for $9.  He did it in 30 minutes- can’t beat that!
    Very nice…

    I also had the tailor measure DH for a dress shirt.  (My estimate was 18 1/2″ with a 35/36 sleeve.)   The tailor told me that a 19″ neck and 35/36 sleeve would be better.  For a newbie, I think I came pretty darn close.

    I found an Oleg Cassini French Cuff white shirt in DH’s size for $14.

    BCF is the place to go for Big and Tall sizes.  They carry up to size 60!  I’m so glad I finally know where to go…

Additionally, he took in his black suit to get altered and the jacket to his grey suit altered Friday morning.  We’re going to pick it up tomorrow AM.

What cracked me up is that he actually wanted to repair the suit we got married in.  I said no.  He almost said, “you like spending money” but he saw the look on my face.  I got really calm and said, “look that suit is a 36.  Those days are looong gone.  Let it go.”

Rehab for the un-sartorial dude!

Behind every great man, there’s a great woman running the show behind the scenes. Or he has access to a great personal stylist 🙂 This fashionista is hitched to a pretty unfashionable man. It is very difficult to get him to go clothes shopping. It always turns into an epic battle between beauty and the geek. After a decade of “extreme frugality” and a resistance to style I decided to put a plan in to action to revamp my hubby’s wardrobe.

How did I get him to cooperate? Well, I think what helped is that the other dudes in our shul didn’t really want to hang out with him. He looked too scruffy for the young professional set. Another thing that helped is that he lost tons of weight. Now he’s swimming in his clothes and his fashion options skyrocketed. I think he got tired of being rejected and scorned. Last week, he came up to me and asked if I could help him dress because “obviously I look like a wreck!”

On one hand, I know tons about women’s fashion. I know what looks good on me for the most part. I know when I see other women wearing something completely wrong for them. Men’s fashion is another story. So I consulted the uber-mag for dude clothing: GQ!

Building The Perfect Business Wardrobe
This helped me out a great deal.  It broke down the components of the perfect suit.  From the perfect fit to great suits as examples it cover a lot of aspects. Unfortunately, I’m completely clueless about dude clothes. So I had to dig further.

So I watched the Suit Your Shape video on GQ:
Now this cleared up the picture a lot. It covers tall, short, stocky, and athletic dudes. Another thing I notice that that short dudes insist on getting regular instead of short so they end up looking like they raided big brother’s closet.  This is just sad.  Now things were clicking in my head. My husband is tall and stocky. So I have a combo of two issues. :headdesk:  

What’s nice (and challenging) about re-building my hubby’s wardrobe in the summertime is that I can get away with getting lighter weight and light colored suiting to start with.  Darker colored suiting I can hit the clearance rack.

Oh how I love living near an outlet mall!  Plus, everyone is running a father’s day sale.  The hubster’s frugality rubbed off on me, LOL!  My style will not be compromised though.   I’m amazed at the depth of men’s fashion.

I figured I should

  1. Alter the current black suit he has.
  2. Buy a khaki cotton suit.
  3. Buy a grey suit.
  4. Buy a navy suit.

I figured I could find navy and grey suiting on clearance or on sale.  So I’m going to hit Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole Reaction outlet

My challenge is finding a shirt that fits.  Why?  Because the hubster has a huge neck.  He has an 18.5″ neck.  Most shirts stop at 17.5″  Gah!

Rebuilding my wardrobe… one piece at a time!

I grew tired of my clothes falling off me so I went a shopping.  I got tons of stuff on the cheap.

Yesterday, I went to the Victoria’s Secret Outlet in the mall.

I snagged four bras for $5.99 ea. and a sports bra for $2.99

Before that I shopped a go-go with my chadwick’s gift certificates:
Here’s my latest acquisitions:

  1. Azure Print O-Ring Knit Dress, $20
  2. Black Mary Jane Slingback, $17
  3. Anne Kline White Double Belt, $27
  4. Dark Denim Skirt, $21
  5. Ballerina neck tees (2 for 1:black/white), $9  (still waiting on these)
  6. Black Lace Bolero jacket, $25
  7. Cropped Black Striped Black Blazer, $17
  8. White/Blue Printed l/s top, $13 
  9. Striped Double-Breasted trench coat, $30
  10. CZ earrings, $34 (still waiting on these)
I think the dress looks ab-fab on me!  I used my black shell underneath.  I can’t find my white one 😦 
For some reason, it keeps disappearing…

What do you think?
Seriously loving the dress…

This is what I also got for my arsenal:
Blue/Vanilla O-Ring knit dress, $50 (with the promotional code I paid $40 for ea. dress)
Blush Multi O-Ring knit dress, $50 (if I knew how good I would look in thisdress I would have bought them all when they were $20)
Black Slingback Heels, $35
Pocket Skirts (one in black, and one in grey), $9 each.  (These are iffy because they 24.5″ long and I’m a little concerned that they may be too short for me…)
Beige patterned drop-waist skirt, $14  (I think the length would be o.k. on this skirt since it’s 28.5″  But I don’t know if I could pull it off…)
Pink wrap-style cardigan, $18
Faux-Chanel sunglasses(similar to shown), $5
Straw fedora, $25  Oh, Urban Outfitters, how I love you so…