Frum Fashionista’s Summer Beauty Guide (Hair)

If there is one thing black women are obsessed with is their hair. Venture down to any black neighborhood in the country, you are sure to find at least 3 salons no matter how small the neighborhood actually is. The only thing that may outnumber salons are churches.

With that said, healthy=happy! 

Here’s an article on how to maintain your hair between trips to the salon!  No matter the length of hair you have, or if you wear a sheital – the key to super fly hair is health, richness, and sheen. You want to walk down the street and have your hair blind passersby with it’s fabulosity! Maintain your locks this summer, slide on a pair of killa shades and you’re out the door…

Black/Ethinic Hair Care
Beauty Hair Supply Shopping List:

Deep Conditioner:


Setting Lotion:

Spray Moisturizer:

Intensive Moisturizer:

All of this should cost no more than $40 with tax.  You can go to or hit your local beauty supply shop that carries Ethnic hair care products!

Additional supplies for the Black Hair Care Arsenal:

  1. Rattail comb
  2. Plastic Rollers
  3. Metal Clips

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