Put a mangnifying glass on your cash!

Last time, I tattled on my hubby! Now I’m gonna tell on myself.

One of my vices is reading too much! I’m a major book lover.

I was hitting the newsstand and buying newspapers and magazines.

When I started going to my local community college, free copies of the local newspaper were available to students. So I stopped buying newspapers. In terms of magazines, I began to subscribe to my favorites one that I absolutely couldn’t go without: Lucky, Domino, Wired, Shape, Allure, Binah, and Blueprint. Subscribing is always cheaper than buying at the newsstand. Plus, many magazine are owned by the same publishing company so oftentimes they offer “Subscripe to X magazine and get Y at 50% off the subscription rate.” If you are a student or professional, you can get an even better discount.

I am a bookstore addict. If you know this about yourself, then plan for this accordingly. There is a Waldenbooks and a Borders Outlet near me. So I signed up for Borders Rewards. Getting the card is free and you get perks such as:

  • $5 in Borders Bucks for every $150 of qualifying purchases both in store and at Borders.com
  • great coupons and exclusive offers emailed to you weekly

Now Barnes & Nobles membership is $25/year. To me, it’s not worth it, if you don’t have a Barnes & Noble near you. I had one when I was going to school in NYC and I had to purchase textbooks from there. In that situation, it was worth ponying up the cash!

What about Jewish books? As a convert in training, I have a large required reading list. Since, DH is a BT on the move he has a required reading list too. Oy, oy, oy!

I looked at the books on my required reading list. Twelve of the twenty books are from Feldheim. The others are from Artscroll. So I went a hunting! Some books, I found used on Amazon. However, some books you just can’t find there.

So the wheels started to turn… Feldheim offers VIP Membership. The Silver level is $299. What even better is that they offer:

  • 10% discount all year ’round, no matter what quantity you buy
  • An additional 5% discount off during our special offers to all readers, such as our Chanukah Sale, Book Week, etc. (25% off during our Chanukah Sale!)
  • Free Books of your choice worth $20 from our special selection that will be delivered with your first purchase
  • Free Shipping with NO MINIMUM ORDER in the Continental USA
  • Personal VIP Service–as a VIP customer, you get VIP service! Just write us and we’ll call you at a time convenient for you when you need assistance. (10AM to 4PM EST).
  • 3 Bonus Raffle Tickets during our Chanukah sale gives you more chances to WIN!

Some of the books on my required reading list is one the free books list. So I can get the majority of my required reading list at a discount. Not bad considering that cost of my required reading list is going be in the $300 – $350 range.

That’s just the books.

My husband’s ritual gear like tefillin/tzitzit are not cheap either. Once my son converts I have to pony up for his gear too. Not to mention conversion, beit din, and mikvah fees. Don’t get me started on the weddings and day schools either. If I even attempt to think about that my brain will explode into treif goo!


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