Frum Fashionista’s Summer Beauty Guide (Hair, continued)

White girls don’t dig bad hair days either! But the upkeep isn’t nearly as labour-intensive as ethic hair let’s face it! Like I said before, healthy=happy! White girls want fly hair that is healthy and full of sheen.

With a little prep and TLC your hair will be killa!


Moisturize and protect your hair in the summer! Between the sun, wind, salt, chlorine, sand, dirt, your hair gets exposed to damaging elements than don’t happen in the winter.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
The White Chick’s Hair Care Arsenal (Beauty Supply)

* Leave in conditioner
* Large tooth comb
* Treatments- plan them
* Hats or head covering
* Protective beach and swimming products

The White Chick Green Hair Care Arsenal:


Step One
Start your day by cleaning with a gentle but effective shampoo. Follow with a conditioner that you apply to the mid-shaft & ends of the hair. Use a large tooth comb to comb the conditioner through, then rinse.

Step Two
If you are spending your day pool side or at the beach make sure that you have a leave in conditioner in that hair. Take along with you additional products that can be sprayed into the hair to protect it from the sun and any other elements that may be harmful to the hair. Make sure to use your large tooth comb to distribute the product through your lengths and ends.

Step Three
If you are pulling your hair up make sure to use low tension fasteners. Get a hair band that will hold your hair, but loosely. You can always wear a hat.

Step Four
When you return home after a day in the sun, rinse your hair with cool water. This will help remove any chlorine or dirt, sand that has made it’s way into your hair.

Step Five
Condition the mid shaft and ends of your hair with a spray- leave in conditioner, something light
Overall Tips & Warnings

* Once a week through the summer months do a treatment on your hair, moisture focused.
* Take the products to the beach/ pool with you
* Keep the hair moist through the day


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