Frum Fashionista’s Summer Beauty Guide (Face & Lips)

Winter can be very hard on your face and lips. After dealing with cracked lips during the wintertime, a fashionista got to get her game face on for summer. You’re not hiding indoors as much so you got to come correct! Since I’m broketh, I do a lot of DIY beauty.

During the summer, I like to look more laid-back. What’s the point in looking sleek, when your running around and having fun?! I do the perfect tousled look. A beachy and downtown edge smash-up! I don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes doing my make-up. To achieve this, you need the right tools! I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t have enough cash for a make-up artist stash, spend the money on the perfect foundation. Everything else, can be snagged at the drugstore.

{face & lips}
My favorite brand of foundation is Smashbox! Hands down, this is the lightest, sweat/oil resistant foundation ever. If you have to deal with oily skin you can’t go wrong with this brand.

Choose between a:

Then there’s the mineral make-up craze.  What’s the all the fuss you ask?

They are actually OK to wear on Shabbos, because you are not “painting” or “smearing” with a cream or an oil.
Think Tammy Faye Bakker:

Former spokeswoman for bad makeup everywhere!

All loose mineral powders are OK to use, as long as you’re not blending the colors.  Remember to ask your local Orthodox rabbi because I’m not about to poskin without a license.

Using mineral make-up is a little different than using traditional make-up.  If you don’t apply it right, you may end up looking chalky ala:

Robert Smith from The Cure.

 recommends Aromaleigh.  She uses daily and for Shabbos. 
She states, “It covers really well, but it lets your own undertones show through so that it looks more natural. You can also sleep in it, which is good because I am really lazy about taking off my makeup (and I am prone to breakouts, too).”

Other brands that have darker shades are:
Bare Escentuals
Cover FX

It’s a pain to find the perfect foundation color for me.  Many times when the color is a great match, the makeup is too heavy.

Lips: blotted sheer red
I apply the lipcolor, blot with tissue, and then top it with a clear balm or gloss. Less touch ups and when the gloss wears off I still have subtle color.

Cheeks: stained watercolors…on your face! (these are great because they do double-duty.


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