Frum Fashionista’s Summer Beauty Guide (Face & Lips continued…)

Most people say that my eyes are my most striking feature. You can have beautiful eyes and muck it all up by screwing up your eyebrows. Either by letting them get overgrown or going crazy with the tweezer! 

Eyebrow maintenance is a must! IMHO, eyebrows frame the face! When done correctly, great brows make you look pulled together w/o much effort. I find many women take too much off the top.

{face & lips}

Here’s a D-I-Y perfect brows article from Lucky Magazine. If you never did your brows get them done professionally before you try and do it yourself. That way you know what shape your going for. I was happy when I found out Sephora has an Anastasia Brow studio in the city. I hit the one at Times Square. Here’s a pic with my eyebrows from last summer…I have to get them done again but you’ll get the idea…

If you don’t live in the NYC, run, don’t walk, to the nearest newstand and pick this month’s Allure magazine for the Salon/Spa Directory. You can find the best place to get your eyebrows done in your area!

Brow Arsenals For All!:
For fair – olive skinned mavens:
Anastasia All About Brows Kit, $72 is the ultimate starter kit!  Includes: Tweezers, Brow Powder Duo, four Brow Stencils, Dual-Angle/Spooly Brush, Brow Gel, and Eyelights Highlighting Pencil.

For dark-skinned mavens (like me): This requires a bit of DIY ingenuity on our part!
Anastasia Brow Kit, $45 which contains scissors, tweezers and 4 brow stencils
Clear Brow Gel, $10 (an example, probably can find cheaper!)
Lash/Brush Combo, $5 or grab a cheap, toothbrush from the 99 cent store.
White eyeliner pencil, $4.  I use this to draw marks at the corner, arch, and the end of my brows
Black or Brown-Black eyeliner pencil, $4.  Since I have dark skin and hair, a darker pencil is a must!

For tweezer addicts:
Anastasia’s Tweezer Anonymous Kit, $55


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