“Beauty is not extravagance; beauty is life” – Imelda Marcos

If you checked out my profile you would have seen this quote.

However, one is forced to agree with her on this statement. Everything on the planet was created with it’s own signature beauty. Hashem is the ultimate designer. Some things one has peel away layers to see their inner beauty. Others are so awe-inspiring that one is left dumbstruck!

I was talking with some people in my community re: my blog. There seems to be a running theme in this town. The ladies will say things like, “I don’t deserve to go shopping right now,” or “My husband won’t let me buy too many clothes.”

What the fresh heck is going on? I have heard these sentiments from other women in other communities as well.  Is this a typical woman mentality when her needs/wants/dreams comes last (or at best secondary?)  I’ve been trapped in this mentality as well…

What’s the point in a husband singing Eshet Chayil to you when you don’t feel like a queen in your own castle?  Women sacrifice everything for their family and their home; shouldn’t husbands do everything in their power to do the same?

I love looking pretty and stylish- I was wearing Saks Fifth Avenue before I could sit up on my own.  I’m not going to change now.

Therefore, I’m taking a stand…because I’m a fashionista on the edge!

See what I did on the following posts….


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