My DIY Manicure/Pedicure!

I x-posted this in my personal journal. Last time, I wrote about giving yourself a proper DIY manicure/pedicure.

I don’t just talk the talk; I walk the walk!

I did both in 1 hour.

I trundled down to my local 24 hr. pharmacy.

a bag of jumbo cotton balls for $1.00
the most inexpensive bottle of nonacetone polish remover
, $1.40

Surprisingly, it wasn’t noxious! I was tempted by Mandarin Orange and the Coconut Lime nail polish removers but those are acetone (which is a no-no for those who go the artificial nail route.) I also like that they come in a squared bottle.

I’ve been giving myself manicures/pedicure since I was in elementary school. One night, my father (who had cataracts) mistook my nail polish remover for Scope. It was acetone-based on top of that. So I had to call poison control. He also beat my butt because he accused me of trying to poison him. That’s when I made him set an appointment to get his cataracts removed. As an added precaution, I kept all my manicure/pedicure supplies out of the bathroom. I still do that!

Pumice/Brush Combo, $3 A basic tool for a DIY pedicure.

Cover Girl’s Boundless Color in Plum Pudding (535). $3.50
It’s a nice deep burgundy! The color is really thick. If you’re not used to doing your own manicures, I can see how easy it would be to screw up the application because it’s a little thick on the brush. Put this polish on too thickly and you’ll be in smudge/chip city!

Don’t get wise and think one thick coat will do the job of two thin coats either. I made that mistake in third grade. I literally peeled my manicure off during math class.

Sally Hansen’s Salon Double Life Base/Top Coat. $6.50
It works very nice as a base coat. Not gloppy. Fills in ridges nicely. Mild odor. As a top coat it’s unbelievable! I love the shine. It’s not a quick-drying top coat but don’t think you’re going to be stuck there for 10 minutes. I plunged my hands in a basin of cold tap water and the top coat was set in one minute. If I plunged them in ice water, I think it would have set even faster.

Curel Targeted Therapy Deep Penetrating Foot Cream. (normally it’s $5.50 I got it for $4.30) My Palmer’s Foot Magic was not in stock. So what’s a fashionista to do? Look for a foot cream on sale of course! I checked this one out because it was on sale… The ingredient list had everything that I was looking for:

  • shea butter
  • Vitamin E

and other bonus stuff I was not looking for like:

  • Vitamins A and C
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut milk

I also used my Mother’s Day’s presents:
Ped-Egg. I goof on infomercials a lot. So my husband bought me this as a goof! I’m not laughing anymore…this thing rocks! My feet became horrific this winter. They just took a beating. Callouses on a fashionista?! Oh the horror! I used and it took all the nasty, crust off. My feet hasn’t been this smooth in forever! I love it. Feels comfortable in the hand.

Don’t get crazy.
Keep it upright and straight: Go on an angle and you’ll get foot dust all over the place!

Go slow: It doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything so one can get overzealous and started attacking their feet like it’s a block of fresh parmesan cheese. You will hurt your foot doing this.

Only good for those with dry/cracked heels and callouses!

and the Perfection Professional Manicure/Pedicure kit. It works OK but I’m not exactly thrilled with it. I know my nails aren’t that tore up that it acts it’s running out of power after the first use. Gah!

So I’m spelunking to see if I can find a more powerful nail buffer.


6 thoughts on “My DIY Manicure/Pedicure!

  1. You look adorable!
    If you want a nail buffer that will last forever, go down to the hardware store and get a Dremel Mini-Pro or Multi-Pro. It will take all of the fancy nail attachments, and you can get it in either battery or cord models. The Mini has two speeds and the Multi has variable speeds.

  2. I’ve dropped mine on a concrete floor at least a hundred times, and it’s none the worse for wear.
    My theory is that if something is pink and made for chicks, then it’s crap. See, guys won’t put up with that, and they expect their tools to last. I ❤ the hardware store!

  3. No Girly tools for me!
    My theory is that if something is pink and made for chicks, then it’s crap. See, guys won’t put up with that, and they expect their tools to last. I ❤ the hardware store!
    I so know what you mean!
    I guess people who make girly tools figure we gentle creatures. We don’t drop our tools.
    I hsve the Dremel glue gun. It been almost nine years and runs like a dream.

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