Funky Frum

Now, I know a lot of people find this e-boutique pricey but you’ve got to know how to work it girl!

I love this site because they carry clothes that are not part of the “uniform.”

When I first started dressing tznius, my husband was miserable. He was used to me dressing in the typical NYC club girl way. I was miserable too because nothing I found screamed me at first. There only so much one can do with navy and black. Those are my two favorite colours and I was beginning to get sick of it.

Then I discovered Funky Frum! I became happy again… Suddenly, I found clothing that screamed me!

The website was recently redesigned and it’s gorgeous:
You can sort according to price, newest, and popularity. In addition, they are currently working on a size filter.

I use this site primarily for shabbos separates. I wait for sales/shipping specials.

My perinnial favorites are:

For the steampunk girls, FunkyFrum is running a sales on their French Vanilla victorian top! Right now, it’s $24.50. The largest it goes is 12/14 but it looks true to size.

I love their denim skirts too! They have dark washes like those cute jeans. For those who don’t do skirts, finding a pretty, tzinus denim skirt in the proper wash is a exercise in hell. Look no further…

Plus, they are offering an affiliate programme for FF fans. You earn a 6% commision for every sale generated (not your personal orders.) Use those commissions to get your gear!


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