The Frum Fashionista’s Summer Beauty Guide (Part Deux)

Springtime is still too cold to break out the sandals and Crocs.

Now is the time to fix up your feet! Running the streets with ashy, tore-up feet is not the way to show off pretty shoes. Pay attention to the heels and hands, ladies!

{feet & nails}

At Home

I got my first manicure set when I was eight years old. I had three inch nails at the time. My mom figured out that I was a fashionista pretty early on. However, she wouldn’t let me use nail polish before that point so I was buffing my nails. It was a Revlon manicure set and it rocked!

D-I-Y Manicure


  1. Nonacetone Nail Polish Remover, $3 – $5
  2. emery board or nail file, $2 – $7
  3. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream,$6 -$8 It smells nice and lemony. Perfect for summer!
  4. Cuticle Trimmer (Be very careful to only trim hangnails and excess skin!)
  5. Pumice/Brush Combo $3 – $4
  6. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic $7

D-I-Y Pedicure
Remember, even your tools have to be sterilized after each use. I use Shaklee’s Basic-G. Alternately you can soak metal tools in rubbing alcohol for 25 minutes. Keep your tools in a plastic ziploc bag.

At the Salon

1. Go to clean nail place! Check out how clean the workstations are and how they sterilize their tools. Ask questions. If you don’t, you can get a nasty infection. Walk out if you don’t get a good feeling about the place. It’s your money.

2. Bring your own tools!

3. Don’t let them cut the cuticles! Just say no and ask the nail tech to push them back instead. Cut them and run the risk of picking up a bug!

4. Hit the whirlpool foot tubs first thing in the A.M.! Just picture the whirlpool as a swirling germ bath. Especially if it’s a really busy place, the whirlpools just don’t have time to get throughly sanitzed between clients. Alternately, look for a simple, non-jet metal basin that can be disinfected easily. Those can be hard to find in some areas so just hit the nail shop when they open and be the first person on the whirlpool.

5. No more razors! It’s illegal. Most good nail shops will have a pumice stone, file, or scrub available.

(P.S. Wait until after a pedicure to shave your legs. It’s a germ thing!)

Polish- well that deserves a post all it’s own.

Stay tuned…


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