The Frum Fashionista’s Guide to Summer Beauty

Even though it’s the end of May… Mother Nature still thinks it’s April. All the rain made me slack off on my summer prep. So I decided to put up a fun, easy, tried & true, quick guide to Summer Beauty.


Now you don’t get called a fashionista w/o proper hygenie knowledge! After all a dirty canvas…

Quick ‘N’ Clean Shower Tricks For Da Buzy Fashionista!

  1. TEMP SET:
    Set the water to 75 to 80 degrees. No HOT showers because they dry out skin. If you’re like me and linger in the shower longer than 10 minutes, then apply body oil first (not on the feet!)
    Wet hair very well. Squeeze a quarter-sized dollop of shampoo inot your palm; rub hands together; and massage into your scalp for a minute. Rinse; apply a dime-sized blob of conditioner from midshaft to the ends, and rinse after one to three minutes.
    Use a body scrub or an exfoliationg washcloth from the neck to the toes to smooth the skin weekly. (Oily skin? Exfoliate twice a week.)
  4. SHAVE:
    Coat legs with shaving cream. Use a triple-blade razor (minimum) in single upward strokes. (Got sensitive skin? Use downward strokes!) Repeat on underarms.
  5. WASH:
    Clean hands, feet, and groin with creamy body wash. Use a gentle cleanser on your face. The water is enough to rinse off the rest.
  6. TOWEL OFF:  Pat skin dry with a soft terry cloth towel. Use a smaller towel to twist hair into a turban. Smooth on lotion while skin is damp.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to shower!


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