The Frum Fashionista- Summer Beauty Guide (skin, continued)

Since I’m not racist, I’m not going to obessess over black skin care alone.

Now, some chicks chase the tan. Y’all know who you are. 

However, tanning yourself like a rotisserie chicken on the beach is a no-no. Not only from a tznius standpoint but from a health standpoint as well. Unless, you’re jet-setting to the nearest women’s only beach a chick has few options.

“What about self-tanners?” you ask.

Looking like you ran in an orange field during a glitter storm?
Tragically funny in a MST3K way!

Since I’m a dark-skinned African-American I don’t think about these things. I did the research so you don’t have to!
How to use a Self-Tanner!

Now that you know how to do it properly, which one do you choose?

that’s all I can give the melanine challenged chicks.

For those of us who don’t or won’t tan sunblock or sunscreen is in order.

For me, most of sunscreens are problematic because I’m dark-skinned and they leave an greyish ashy film on my skin! I only found one product that I can use that is oil-free and keeps me brown: Peter Thomas Roth Sunblock SPF 30. It’s pricey but I’d rather not walk around looking zombified!

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