What’s your fashion style (quiz)

I love quizzes. You may as well call me quizzilla!

What’s your fashion style?quiz.

I got these results:

Your Style Is: Subtly Sexy

You’re magnetic, sensuous, and full of life. You love to laugh, indulge in delicious food and drink, and be touched by someone you love — anything that tickles your senses. You’ve got charm and charisma, and seem to enchant everyone you meet.

Your clothes reflect your sexy nature. You relish the feel of luxurious fabrics against your skin, and you dress to bring out your alluring side.

Your wardrobe staples:

* Wide-leg pants in silky materials that flow when you walk.
* Long or short skirts in velvet, suede, and leather — any material that feels wonderful.
* Wrap tops that show off your shape.
* Camisoles, tees, and light sweaters with details like lace, a ruffle, or embroidery.
* Sexy, strappy heels.
* A glittery, oversized ring that catches the eye.

That’s pretty much me. What about you? Post your results here!


2 thoughts on “What’s your fashion style (quiz)

  1. Your Style Is: Casually Cool
    You’re down-to-earth, relaxed, and have a great sense of humor. You prefer simple pleasures — spending time in the garden, having coffee with your best friend — to glamorous pursuits. Because you’re so easy-going, friends and family rely on you for advice, support, and frequent hugs.
    For you, clothes are much more about function than fashion. Sure, you want to look great, but you must be comfortable and relaxed while doing it.
    Your wardrobe staples:
    * Straight-leg khakis and trousers in fabrics with a bit of comfort-boosting stretch to them.
    * Denim anything — long skirts, great-fitting jeans, even button-down shirts.
    * Cozy sweaters in wool and cashmere.
    * Simple cotton boatneck tops in muted shades of blue, brown, gray, and green.
    * Knee-high, lace-up boots — great with skirts or under jeans.
    * Wear-everywhere diamond studs. (You never have to take them out!)
    This is mostly true…but I do so love to get all fancy and sparkley too!

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