My Shape

My Shape is a very cool site.

We’ve all had that department store moment. It looked great in the store. Then you take it out in normal daylight and mirror conditions and find out you look like hell!

Remember how the comic strip Cathy, she used to get crazy during bathing suit season.

My Shape is different. You get customized clothing picks based on your measurement and preferences. When you set up a profile/personal shop, you get $25 off your first order and free shipping both ways.

The clothing is a little pricey but they give you style tips for your shape. So you can take that advice and shop at your favorite shops with that in mind.

I love that it selects the garment according to your measurements because designers are all over the map in terms of sizing!

I used myself as fashion crash mannequin so to speak:

This frumfashionista is Shape A:

Women whose hips are broader than their busts and shoulders.
More narrow shoulders
More narrow bust
Broader hips

On the same page you see recommendations for that body shape!

I was pleased with the results of clothing selection. Not so pleased with some of the pricing.

Indira’s Reversible Slim Flounce Skirt $70 (one side is a floral, the other an abstract pattern.) 2 skirts in one? love!
Lightweight Crochet Cardigan $44
Tie-Front shrug $42
Dark Blue GrommetDenim Jacket $68
Cropped Trench Jacket in Yellow $68
Funky Feminine shirt top with modern dot print $46
boatneck top $60
Sweet sweater dress $86

The other six body shapes are:
Shape M
Shape Y
Shape S
Shape H
Shape P
Shape E

Give it a whirl and let me know whatcha think!


4 thoughts on “My Shape

  1. What do they have for someone with freakishly long monkey arms?
    Seriously. I wear a size 12 shirt, but the arms on long sleeve dress shirts are so short on me, that it ends up pulling across the shoulders in the back and strangling me around the neck, while the cuffs are 4 inches too short! Help, this shirt is trying to kill me!

  2. Girl with long monkey arms over here too!
    That why I like this site because you put in EVERY measurement imaginable: arm length/span is included. Trust me, you’ll love this!
    I don’t even bother with most long sleeve shirts because my arms are so… long. If I do wear a l/s top, I wear it with a hefty bracelet to counteract the skimp!

  3. Re: Girl with long monkey arms over here too!
    To make matters more complicated, I have a snake tattooed around my right wrist, so 3/4 sleeves are out of the question for the moment. (I really like her, I just wish she was somewhere less visible.)
    I’ll take a look around the website and see what I can come up with.

  4. Re: Girl with long monkey arms over here too!
    Hey! Is it small enough to be disguised with a structural cuff or chunky bracelet?
    So people I know cover their tats with dermablend or heavy duty makeup that covers scars.
    At least you don’t have a kingpin tat!

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